10 Big Reasons

why your kid should learn French

Updated on May 2021

The pangs of the online and virtual modes of working and communication have been felt by every section of society. However, its impact upon your children is perhaps more profound. Why not incorporate some really interesting yet informative sessions into your kid's screen time? Something that would make them adept and perhaps add another feather to their cap, like learning a new language online! How about FRENCH? Well, our online learning platform- SwitchED is just the right place for you and your kids. See why:-


Dear parents, imagine 30 years later your child thanking you for making them learn French. Yes! They will because according to a serious survey French would be among the most spoken and used languages in the world, perhaps even leaving behind English. Isn't this amazing! By teaching your kid french you are preparing them for a brighter future.So what are you waiting for? The beginning of the successful future of your child lies in a simple click, enrol your child in online french classes for kids and add a desirable talent of multi-linguism to their future resume.

2. An INTERNATIONAL language

It might come as a surprise to you but French is the official language of 29 countries, 10 dependent entities, and 19 independent entities. Over 300 million people around the world have knowledge of this beautiful language. This aspect also makes it the only language, along with English, to be spoken on all 5 continents (WOW!). So hurry up and learn French online with ease!

3. FRENCH-The language of LOVE, ART, and CULTURE

Now let's talk about the language of ROMANCE or how about the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL? France has it all,it is rich in culture and literature. It has won more Nobel prizes than any other country. And thus learning French would make your child rich in literature, culture, and tradition. Widen the horizon of opportunity for your child with the help of online language classes for kids, learn French online and conquer the world.

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By Rhea

4. France - An Ideal Destination for higher studies

Want to study in France? Well, you are not the only one. Every year, more than 7,000 Indian students travel to France to pursue their careers. France is home to some of the oldest and renowned universities and institutes for higher education. In such a scenario the knowledge of French will be a boon for your kid, it will increase the opportunities for them in every way. French is, indeed, a career asset!

5. Immigration to FRANCOPHONE nations

With the increasing desire to lead a luxurious life, more and more people are settling abroad. Speaking french would make it very convenient for you to interact with others and also express yourself better. Given that the French language is used in myriad countries, it can make life much easier for your child!

6. French is not difficult, it's CREATIVE!

French and English are similar in many ways and hence little effort on the basics and you are good to go! In fact, French is supposed to be an intelligent language. Make your kids sharper with the help of simple online language classes. It couldn't be easier, we swear!

7. Traveling bliss

Did someone say Travel?? Travelling stands among the most loved pursuits all around the world and speaking of traveling reminds us of the city of Love - PARIS! I think all of us, at some point, have fancied ourselves in front of the Eiffel tower! What a dream, right? And imagine expressing your emotions in French on top of that. Bliss! Not just Paris, many other prominent destinations worldwide have French as their official language. The ease of travel for your child in the future with the knowledge of such a prominent language is indeed desirable.

Create a striking impression

Being multilingual is seen as a very attractive trait. Everyone wants to be popular and loved! And trust me it hasn't been easier than this, learn French online and spell your magic on others.

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By Raju

9. The language of the internet

The more languages you know the better you understand others’ perspectives, and what better than the language of the internet itself? In this techno-driven world, languages like French are there to stay and are being increasingly adopted. So go encourage kids to learn French online.

10. The need of the hour

Owing to the ravaging pandemic, staying indoors with minimal outdoor activities has become a dire necessity. Courses such as online French classes for kids act as a silver lining for your children amidst the gloomy time. They remain engaged in productive activities.

Begin a splendid journey exploring French Online with SwitchED! Bon Voyage!

The best investment for your little ones would be Online French classes for kids and other online language classes SwitchED provides you with all this and much more, so explore their platform and help your kids shine. Enrol now!

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