10 amazing benefits

children can get by learning chess

Updated on May 2021

Chess is hailed worldwide as a noble game of intelligence. Most of the recognized chess masters started learning their first moves during their early childhood. Learning chess is not just about playing the game but also mastering a discipline with dedication and ambition. Today, with technological advancement, you can learn chess online under the guidance of experienced professionals. Parents who wish their children to conquer the heights of success can start molding them by teaching them how to play chess.

If you are wondering why you should encourage your child to enrol in chess learning classes, then SwitchED is here to clarify those doubts with ten compelling benefits of learning chess.

Problem-solving Ability

Chess is a game that requires a lot of thinking and analytic powers. Chess training classes for kids help them develop their problem-solving capacity and prepare them for complex mathematical and scientific problems.

Memory enhancement

Your child needs to know the numerous combinations and outcomes to play efficiently. Memory and vigilance are key when it comes to playing chess. To learn chess online, your child needs to work on memory recollection, which will, in turn, reflect on their ability to memorize study materials.

Intelligent Booster

As we mentioned earlier, chess is all about new challenges and fresh problems. It is the best workout routine for your child’s brain. Chess training classes for kids enable them to perfect their challenge-resolving capability and swiftness to respond.

Personal Chess Coaching
By Suraj

Spatial skills

Chess is a small board game that opens wide-ranging possibilities and infinite new combinations. Whatever move your child makes, they need to operate within the space of this board. Chess learning classes teach them to manipulate figures, picture positions, visualize objects, and so on. Hence, through acute visualization, they can optimize their spatial intelligence.

Pressure controller

Chess can make your child vulnerable to lose in certain games, and with one surprising move, they can take over their opponent. They are constantly functioning and thinking under highly pressurized situations while staying intensely focused. Chess training classes for kids will train them to manage pressure and handle multiple tasks at a stipulated time. .

Creative thinking

To achieve success, a good player should focus not only on his moves but also on the potential outcomes of his/her opponents. It gives them real-life scenarios and strategies to come up with creative ideas to solve intricate daily life problems.


Through the game of chess, your child will learn to win with grace and lose with dignity. It is a game that involves less talking and more thinking. This etiquette makes the gamers of chess more respectful against each other. To enhance their sportsmanship in the right environment, they can learn chess online through various training programs.

Fair play

Every minute movement while playing suggests a purpose. Chess is an unpredictable game. Therefore the results can be surprising. In chess learning classes, professional instructors will closely monitor your child’s movement and teach them the pivotal lessons of fair play. Even though the game can create uncertain results, it functions within a set of strict rules.

Chess Champions (Beginners)
By Raju

Planning skills

Thinking about all the probable outcomes and planning each move is the only way to achieve victory in chess. Patience and time management are some of the few virtues that your child might develop due to learning this game. If you think these skills are difficult to manage for your child, then chess training classes will alter your mind.

Concentration booster

Chess improves concentration and visualization skills. Most players confess that maintain concentration is one of the most challenging things they have to encounter. However, learning chess online and practicing the game every day can not only clear your focus but also maximizes your child’s stamina.

Chess can prepare your child for the future. The benefits of chess learning classes lie in the nature of this beautiful game. SwitchED has professional chess training classes developed to help your child excel in their analytic and problem-solving abilities. You can learn chess online if you do not have access to upright chess training or are worried about affordability. With SwitchED, your kid can learn chess lessons in the comfort of your home. Ready to embrace these benefits? Contact us if you want to give it a try!

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