5 Reasons why Online

Learning is the Future of Education

Updated on June 2021

With the internet and technology rapidly taking over the world, education was not left far behind.

The existence of learning and teaching through a screen may have seemed too absurd a decade ago, however, with the onset of the present day situation where social distancing is not an option but has become a way of life for all, online learning has most definitely gained ground.

You as parents may seem a little hesitant to completely rely on online learning for educating your child which is completely valid. This sudden turn of events left you with no choice other than to give way to online learning as opposed to the traditional way of learning and growing together in a classroom.

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Online education and learning has proved to be a boon for students of all ages. Keep on reading to find out how.


Art serves as an incredible therapy that boosts a child's creativity and gives them a medium to express themselves better and in unique and innovative ways. It does not follow a straight jacket formula or any fixed curriculum, which works wonders as it does not bind teachers to students in a mere formality of syllabus completion. Rather it allows them to explore their hidden talents.

Improved Academic Performance

Online learning offers the teachers with a range of tools to deliver lessons efficiently. The lesson plan can be extended beyond the text books to include online resources like videos, PDF’s and many more! This has a positive effect on both the teaching and the learning. The endless resources available online keeps the students completely engaged in their lessons and generates interest in them to research on the lesson on their own. What more do you want for your kids?!

Accessibility- Time and Place

One of the major advantages of online learning is its easy accessibility just with a good internet connection. It allows students to attend classes from any location, allowing the institutions to reach a more extensive network of students breaking all geographical boundaries. To add cherry on the cake, due to some reason if a class is missed, the recordings can be accessed ensuring no one is left behind. This lets the students manage time better and to effectively multi task or just handle their everyday schedule more efficiently

More affordable than traditional education

Online learning is more cost effective as compared to physical learning. As online learning eliminates cost points of the students like meals, books and materials and most importantly transportation. Availability of all the resources online creates a paperless environment thereby also benefiting the environment. Hence monetary investment is less and the outcomes are far better than traditional education.

Offers flexibility resulting in improved attendance of the students

Online learning is completely free of any rigid rules or regulations, it allows the students and the teachers to set their own learning pace. Allows the freedom of setting up a schedule to suit everybody’s routine. This understanding also improves the relationship between the educator and the students. The freedom and the ease of learning online with no set boundaries, reduces the chances of students missing out on their classes.

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Caters to different learning styles

In the education system it is very important to understand, as teachers as well as parents/guardians, that each student has a different learning style. Some may be visual learners, some verbal, some learn better in a classroom among his/her peers while some are individual learners. Online learning with its vast online resources creates the perfect environment suited to each child’s needs and styles.

Give your child the best out of Online Learning!

There is no doubt that learning through a screen is helpful and very efficient for so many reasons as stated above. Given the present day and situation, online learning is already taking over the education system. Be it through a school or an educational institution or an online platform like SwitchED, give your child the best learning experience. An online learning experience that would most definitely be the future of education.

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