8 Reasons Why Online

Education is better than Traditional classroom learning

Updated on July 2021

Traditional classroom Vs. Online education. A comparison we never knew would come into existence.

Who would have thought that one day people would be able to work from the comfort of their homes? Technology and the World Wide Web made this possible. Who would have imagined students learning and attending classes in the same manner? No one. Yet, technology and the Internet turned this into a reality too.

This transformation from traditional campuses and classes to learning through screens, especially for parents and guardians would be like a leap of faith. This was never done before, no one from their generation witnessed or experienced it. However now it would be okay to speak for the notion that online education for kids is indeed a better option than traditional classroom learning.

Here is a list of reasons to prove the same.

1. Online education breaks all geographical boundaries

Normally the choice for any educational institution is significantly narrowed by location. With online classes, location is never a boundary to learning. No matter which part of the globe you are from, your child will never be deprived of the opportunity to receive knowledge. The only requirements would be access to the internet and a device that allows so. Do not let the distance create a distance between your child and learning.

2. Online Classes- An array of endless possibilities

Knowledge is beyond the four walls of a classroom, the teacher being confined to this may not be able to deliver a lesson to the best of his/her ability. Whereas, online, the teacher will have access to endless resources and teaching tools like audio visuals, PDF files and many more. All of which can be shared and gained access to within the set time limit of a specific class. This also ensures better time management in comparison to a traditional classroom.

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3. Better Attendance

Uncertainties are a way of life. Such uncertainties like bad weather, political mishaps and many others can disrupt the flow of your education. However, with online classes, attending is as simple as opening your computer, phones or tablets. You can easily attend the classes from the comfort of your homes, thereby increasing the attendance level.

4. Less Expensive

One of the major advantages of online learning is that it costs less. Online classes spare you the extra expenses of books and other resources that would now be easily available online. No more paying lumps of money for food, boarding and travelling. Less monetary expenses with far better and effective outcomes compared to traditional classes.

5. Avails different learning styles

Online classes are ideal for reaching out to students who are more than just good listeners. The interesting images, diagrams, colourful maps and videos make learning fun to a class of varied types of learners. This ensures better understanding and increased interest in the lesson being taught, which at times the classroom learning may fail to do so.

6. Offers flexibility

No more rigid time limits to learning and growing. The freedom of scheduling classes according to one’s liking gives the opportunity to better time management and for slow learners that added and much needed extra time to catch up on the lesson like the rest.

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7. Improvement of multiple skills

Since technology is taking over, online classes allow the young ones to get comfortable with the use of gadgets and technology. This enhances not just their tech skills but also others like problem solving, critical thinking and many more. In short, it prepares the young minds for a greater future.

8. Improves Self-Discipline

In a traditional classroom, the students would be under the supervision of the concerned teacher, in online classes, staying disciplined is completely up to them. There is no teacher or guide to tell the students when to complete that particular task or assignment. Nobody to remind them to get ready on time for the next class. Being lazy or undisciplined will cause them to quickly fall behind. Online classes, build and develop that strong self-discipline which also translates to other areas of life like relationships and ethics.

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