At What Age Should Your Kids Learn
Hip Hop Dance? Know It Here!

Updated on December 2021

When it comes to dance, there is no too early or too late aspect in question. There is no best age to start dancing as kids as small as 2 yrs and as old as 16 can begin their dance journey as per their interest and love for dance. Many parents today are interested in knowing what age is best for their kids to start enrolling in any dance form training, fearing that they will miss the boat or because they want their child to have the best chance of succeeding.

The most conducive age to begin serious training may be within ages 7-9 but even kids prior to this age group can be enrolled in dancing schools and classes to acquire movement and coordination skills which are the basics of any dance form. Your child can go for any dance form- classical, western ballet, hip hop or any other.

Bolly - Western Dance Class
By Shreya

What is Hip Hop dance and what is the best age for it?

Hip Hop is a unique dance style which incorporates old and new dance moves and styles like break dancing, popping, krumping and even traditional jazz moves. A large part of hip hop dance involves creativity and improvisation and just moving with the music. Hip hop dance classes for kids are a great way to encourage creativity and expression.

    The striking benefits to hip hop dance classes include:

  • Increased flexibility and Physical activity
  • Better balance through postures and stances
  • Increased coordination socially and professionally
  • Enhanced dancing skills with graceful movements and different dance styles
  • Great self-confidence through public performances
  • Artistic expression through creativity in steps and movements
  • Great social skills and communication ability

So what exactly is the best age to get into kids hip hop dance? Well just like any other dance form Hip hop also isn’t age bound. The average age to start with formal training can be 7 yrs and above because at this age most children are able to understand their learning and apply it to their dancing. They are also more likely able to distinguish what they are internally motivated and passionate to do because they have made the decision to pursue this hobby.

Bolly - Western Dance Beginner's Class
By Shreya

At an age younger than this children may be enrolled into any dance class because their body is extra flexible at that time and basic dance can prepare them for difficult forms in later ages. Nevertheless, Dance classes are a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers as it provides an opportunity for children to work on their coordination, fitness, and musicality in a fun and creative way. A good class for a toddler or preschooler should foster their love of dance rather than be a technically challenging class which many young children would struggle with, lose interest in and quit.

Your child can start dance lessons from as early as the dance school or program you choose offers them. Benefits of early training include more exposure and practice hours by the time they reach maturity, leading to more chances of professional success. However, if they did not get started at a tender age, it doesn’t mean that they have missed the bus and cannot pursue their interest now.

So, if you are looking for hip hop classes for kids to start their dance lessons, know that there is no better time to start than today or whenever they are ready!

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