Benefits To Learn Spanish Language For Kids

Updated on November 2021

Learning a new skill is beneficial to the human mind in so many ways. It has been scientifically proven that the younger the mind, the more quickly it picks up a new skill. Hence, it’s the kids who are pros at learning new skills faster than the grown-ups. The more the brain is used to learn new skills, the more the brain functions work. No wonder the kids are enrolled in different classes early on for learning different skills, be it a new instrument, sport or a new language.

Learning a new language pushes the brain to familiarize with new grammar and vocabulary rules. It trains the mind to remember new words, make connections between them and use them in contextual situations. Spanish is a language that is most commonly spoken all around the world after English. It is a language spoken from the streets of Madrid to the foothills of the Andes. Children are introduced and encouraged to learn Spanish for many useful reasons.

Hola Español - Beginner's Spanish
By Lingo Starz

1. Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world:

If you are confused as to which language your little one should be introduced to, Spanish is a very popular option. It is the most widely spoken language in the world after English. It is the primary language of Spain, Central and South America and for many in the US who are bilingual. Kids learning this language will be a great advantage. The opportunities for Spanish speakers across the globe are endless!

2. Learning Spanish makes it easier for the little ones to understand other Latin based languages:

Spanish language has Latin roots and hence finds similarity with other Latin based languages like French, Portuguese and Italian. Learning Spanish opens a doorway to learning these languages as well. Those fluent in Spanish can understand these languages. Another great reason why kids should learn Spanish.

3. Learning Spanish will allow them to learn and appreciate the Hispanic culture:

Learning any new language means learning the culture and history associated with the language. While learning Spanish, the kids will enjoy learning about the Hispanic culture, its arts, literature, food, music and so on. Your children will learn about and appreciate popular traditions and values that keep the Hispanic culture alive.

4. Gain a better understanding of English:

This may sound surprising but learning Spanish can help your child get a better grasp of the English language. English and Spanish also share Latin roots and so have a lot of similarities. Along with your child’s Spanish skills being sharpened, they will also experience a boost in their English understanding.

Learn Spanish - let's talk ( Beginners)
By Anjali

5. Enjoy more opportunities for travel:

Who doesn’t want to travel every nook and corner of the world?! Everybody does! It allows you to see and experience new sights, cultures and new people. Travelling also helps a person grow personally and professionally. Learning Spanish can provide your child with tons of travel opportunities and exposure to a wide range of cultures, art and literature. Since Spanish is officially spoken in 21 countries worldwide, they will fit in and experience new places with ease!

6. Expand communication with more people-

Learning Spanish can lead to engaging with more people, in your community as well as globally. This will allow them to build connections with people from across the globe which in turn will help them gain knowledge and make them wiser.

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