Best Fitness Classes

for Kids offered by SwitchED

Updated on June 2021

One may turn blind, but one can never really stop dreaming.

The unfortunate turn of events has cost the whole world to reorganize not just their daily schedule but their way of living itself. These unprecedented times have especially had a tremendous toll on the education system. No education is considered holistically complete without the inclusion of physical education. The paradigm shift in the imparting and receiving of knowledge, from classrooms to phone and desktop screens have made the importance of physical education and fitness a need of the hour.

Sitting for hours in front of the screens has cost the young ones their health. Here is where SwitchED steps in to ensure that your child stays fit and strong physically and happy mentally.

SwitchED offers the following sports and fitness programmes for your child:

Football & Fitness with Zars Sports
By Kimberly

‘Dribble’ through tough times with Football!

Have you ever imagined your child being coached for football through an online platform?

Well SwitchED has made this possible by allowing your child to receive the best football programme and by breaking all norms that this sport cannot be learned individually, it being a team sport. Through SwitchED, football develops a child in spheres of strength building, ball mastery, dribbling, agility and stability, without having to risk bringing them together on a field.

Learn from the Expert

Each hour-long session is conducted by an acclaimed and licensed coach, Kimberly Fernandez, a national level footballer and a manager of the Maharashtra U18 Women’s team at the all India level tournament. Her expertise coaching and brilliant communication skills are bound to bear victorious fruits of ball game and physical strength in your child.

Capoeira- A blend of fitness, music and dance… a cultural learning

A fun yet disciplined form of Brazilian martial art that is a combination of dance, acrobats and music, a perfect amalgamation!

Capoeira opens doors for the kids to learn and discover more about a culture, very different from theirs. Each session is a cauldron of games, exercises, dance, martial arts and mental growth to the most splendid potion of fitness. It is taught in three different levels based on three different age groups.

Masti, Fitness, Capoeira Level 1 By Prof. Reza Baba

Capoeira Sensei, the best instructors to this day!

Without a good mediator to any new skill, the receptor cannot gain interest besides just listening and later forgetting. Therefore instructors play a key role and here at SwitchED, they do just that. Trained and certified instructors from The Center for Capoeira India, Brazil and Russia alongside Prof.Reza Baba Massah, founder and chief instructor with years of experience, together serve on a platter the best form of Capoeira to their students via SwitchED.

Choose SwitchED for a healthy and happy routine for your child

Why keep pestering your child to go on walks or to detach their glued sights from their screens when their physical fitness is met through a screen? Hurry and book your child an hour of complete entertainment woven with physical activity with the freedom and option of multiple timings in a day.

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