Can Online Learning

Coding Classes be helpful for Kids?

Updated on August 2021

Technology is taking over every sphere of life and kids today would least prefer to be left behind. With each passing day, our connection with technology and the subsequent dependency on it is increasing and learning to cope up with it is vital for kids as much as it is for adults.

A sophisticated future awaits our young minds and online coding classes for kids are the most ideal way of getting them familiarised with the technological world at an early age.

What is coding for kids?

Coding, also known as computer programming, involves communicating with computers to build and run websites, apps, games, and much more.

Since it is like teaching an altogether new language to kids, it should involve opportunities aimed to be fun and creative to keep the young minds engaged and help in using their imagination in the right direction.

It sounds impossible for a young brain to learn something so complex but hey! Did you know that CEOs of Microsoft, Facebook, and Google - all began coding at an early age?

Yes, coding for kids is a reality made possible by a variety of online learning coding classes on websites as well as coding tutors, after-school programs and other classes offline. The best thing about it is that young kids can catch these complexities faster as their developing brains are in the learning stage, making it easier to empower them to be ready for the Future.

Benefits of Online coding classes for kids

The pandemic surely isn’t the correct time to go out looking for new learning opportunities but online portals,institutes and learning centres have made it possible for kids to step on the pedal from the comfort of their home. Moreover, these online classes offer the following advantages:

Improving creativity and logic

Coding classes can be fun, satisfying and educative, all at once.The kids get to improve their logical thinking, problem solving skills and creative self-expression by introducing them to technical concepts and giving them a platform to test these practically.

Coding Using Python
By Code W/Floppy

Giving wings to their imagination in animation

For kids who have a keen interest in animation online coding classes are a boon. Children can learn about building these cute animated figures through various applications and level up their prospects of making a career in animation.

Aiding Academic performance

With coding online, children can learn about the making of smartphones, laptops, social media networks, websites and video games,etc. This programming knowledge will help them use it for their science and technology projects at school or college, improving their academic scope.

Giving competitive advantage over others

With online coding classes your child will have possession of a hot skill that many of his peers will lack, giving him an edge over others and making him/her more desirable in the eyes of potential colleges and employers. With this they are clear to stand out!

Preparing them for future opportunities

The future belongs to techies and coders are already in high demand. With more businesses shifting to ecommerce platforms, the demand for website and application developers will far exceed their supply. This will be an excellent opportunity for your child to bank on.

The possibilities of learning coding are limitless and SwitchED makes it simple for you.

Get ahead of all with SwitchED range of Online Learning Coding Classes for Kids of different age groups

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Level 1
By Coding & More

SwitchED provides ample choices in live online coding classes for different ages to upgrade your child’s technical skills and make them proficient in handling the complicated technology of tomorrow. Our features sessions include:

  1. FREE Coding Diagnostic Class By MindChamp - 5 to 18 yrs
  2. Minicoders Programming for Kids Made with Love By Code W/Floppy - 4 to 6 yrs
  3. Website Building By Code W/Floppy - 10 to 18 yrs
  4. Introduction to Coding Using Blockey By Coding & More- 6 to 8 yrs, 8 to 10 yrs, 10 to 12 yrs
  5. Introduction to Coding Using Scratch By Coding & More - 7 to 13 yrs
  6. Coding Using Python By Code W/Floppy - 11 to 18 yrs
  7. My First Animation Level 1 & 2 By MindChamp - 7 to 10 yrs
  8. My First Game - Introduction to Coding Advanced By MindChamp - 10 to 14 yrs
  9. My First App By MindChamp - 10 to 14 yrs
  10. My First Website By MindChamp - 10 to 14 yrs
  11. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Level 1 & 2 By Coding & More - 8 to 10 yrs, 10 to 14 yrs

Does it sound fair enough for your kids to join one? If yes, enrol now!