Can Your Kid

Speak Confidently In Public?

Updated on August 2021

The ability to express oneself fearlessly in front of a crowd, leaves an impression like no other. People who are able to do so definitely have an upper hand over those who cannot. Good communication and public speaking skills are essential prerequisites for success in various aspects of life for kids and adults alike. So, the earlier your start, the easier it is.

What exactly is public speaking?

Precisely, public speaking is the act of delivering a speech to a live audience. Strong and confident speeches have been known to change the course of history with the great power to influence minds in a particular direction. Some of the world’s famous speeches from the greatest orators like Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, John F Kennedy etc gave hope, inspiration and courage to many as well as highlighted the importance of public speaking in our lives.

Importance and benefits of public speaking for Kids

The fast changing education policies now require more verbal interaction from children than just the featureless and mute classroom experience.Therefore, it is more than necessary for kids today to have ample confidence to do so. It might be surprising to note that children can easily overcome the public speaking fear if exposed to it early in their lives than on becoming adults. With the right kind of help, kids will surely see public speaking as a joy rather than a fear.

Public Speaking is not just an essential life skill but a package of various benefits such as:

Building Confidence

Public speaking significantly boosts self confidence and feelings of self-worth in a child. With each public speaking experience, your child becomes more comfortable in speaking, hence more comfortable being in social circles.

English Speaking
By Wynzel

Improving Communication Skills

Public speaking helps to refine the child’s communication skills which are essential in building personal relationships, social interactions and classroom speaking situations. Good speaking skills will help your child to present their ideas effectively to others around them.

Improving the convincing power

We know by now how important a speech is in influencing minds, so the main goal of public speaking is to develop the convincing power to do so. Public speaking builds up the persuasive skills in children that are imperative to convince people.

Enhancing Academic Performance

When children participate in public speaking activities such as debates and declamations, they learn various skills like presentation, critical thinking, listening skills, etc. which ultimately help them score higher in their classroom projects and assessments.

Effective Public Speaking Skills - Leaders of Tomorrow
By Yagya

Reducing doubts and inhibitions

The fear of being exposed to unfamiliar situations makes children doubt their capability. Public speaking can help them overcome this fear and remove such inhibitions at an early age.

Getting them future ready

Instilling public speaking confidence in your child in his early years will help them make a difference in life, career, business and community in their future. Whatever career path your child takes in the future, public speaking will help them excel in their field.

As almost every person needs to speak in public at some point in their lives, developing communication skills at a young age proves to be beneficial in the long run.Therefore it is essential to ask yourself this question, can my child speak confidently in public?

As a parent it is imperative to watch out for signs in your child which point towards his discomfort with public speaking. If your child showcases a behaviour which is:

  • Introverted in nature
  • Shy when asked to speak to strangers
  • Anxious when asked to recite something in front of others
  • Apprehensive about others’ judgements

It is comprehensible that your child has a fear of public speaking and as a parent you can reverse the scenario with simple encouragement and a little professional help.

Bring out the orator in your child with Switch Ed’s online public speaking course

We at SwitchED aim to help your child take the first successful steps towards public speaking with our online public speaking classes and here are the details for it.

Effective Public Speaking Skills - Leaders of Tomorrow By Yagya

Recommended Age: 8 to 11 yrs
Recommended Class Size: 7 students
Duration:60 mins
Educator: Yagya (Journalism Graduate and former employee with India Today group)

About the Class

Online kids classes have grown immensely popular for a good start and thus we are proud to present the same for bringing out the hidden orator in your child. The course focuses on building confidence with a lot of fun involved activities in a small group. The children will get the freedom to create their stories, poems, speeches, narratives and share them with peers. Our educator works to ensure that her students have the academic, social-emotional, and workforce skills to be the successful leaders of tomorrow.

Wouldn't it be nice for your kid to never again become nervous before speaking in front of class, teachers or strangers? Make them join our sessions to turn this dream into a reality. For more information on the session visit here

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