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Online Science classes for kids is important

Updated on June 2021

Think of a time when you witnessed magic for the first time. For most of us it was in our early years where imagination soared and nothing was impossible! How we wished to know the secret of the magician while some of us were happy in just believing and not knowing. Science seemed to be the answer to all those questioning minds, it personified itself into the greatest magician ever known to mankind. A special and magical treat presented through online Science class for kids right in the comfort of their homes!

As technology and the World Wide Web have taken a forefront in every field, education and learning were not left far off. Online classes have been able to bring forth the activities of a classroom into the homes of the children with a wider and more advanced techniques of teaching and learning. The obvious result of the combination of ‘the magician’ with a ‘renowned theatre’ would be a very loud and prolonged applaud. Here are four key points to sum up the never-ending advantages or importance of online Science classes for kids-

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By Taherreh

Learning Science Online Improves Technical Skills

Science is a subject that gets your brain cells working at the speed of a spinning rat wheel, hence when technology itself becomes the medium of learning Science, the young minds will race in honing not just technical but logical thinking skills as well. Allowing a child to practise these makes them experts at problem solving which later transcends into a life skill.

Science as a gateway to other Subjects

Learning Science online also acts as a boon in constantly training the child for other subjects. For example, logic and reasoning may be called the synonyms of Science, the same skills of reasoning and logic are also used in Mathematics and Physics. The observations and the experiments that have to be elaborately noted polishes the child’s writing skills. Without an understanding of how things worked in the past to how they work now, scientific researches and experiments cannot be conducted, this is where the study of History comes into play. A child’s ability to effortlessly glide through an online Science class reflects on their performance in other subjects also.

Online Science classes are real Stress and Boredom busters!

Picture an offline Science class where the teacher is showcasing a chemical experiment simultaneously explaining the steps and the process, the colourful chemicals and the different apparatuses do grab the attention of the students, but for how long? Besides the pendulum –like attention span of the students, the teacher is having a difficulty of his own, multitasking and hence not being able to deliver to his level best. In contrast to this, now let’s picture an online Science class where the teacher is showing the same experiment, however, this time perhaps through a video he is just doing the explaining. Besides this, the teacher can also, within the given time period of the class, show multiple similar videos as examples and even set interesting tasks for the class. In other words, online teaching allows proper time management without losing the interest of the child.

Preparing the Young ones for a Techno-ruled world

The traditional style of learning in a classroom prepared the young ones only for theory related problems or perhaps to ace exams without really guaranteeing the clarity of the concepts. Science can be rightly called one of the pillars that holds civilization together, the learning of this subject that has transformed into more of understanding, because of the lively and effective online classes, guarantees that the future will be in the safe hands of those who are technologically as well as Scientifically smart.

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