Get To Know "Why Coding Is Getting Popular"
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Updated on November 2021

Coding or computer programming is picking up pace as one of the best courses for a bright future in the technological world. Coding gives kids a better chance of success in the ever growing technology in the future, and also aids their educational development in the current learning stage.

It’s not just the educational and career benefits that coding can bring, but also help with enhancement of other skills such as organisation, perseverance, problem solving, and even confidence. This is the reason why there is a surge in online coding courses for kids and websites to learn coding. Following are some of the highlighted advantages of Coding:-

My First Animation Level 1
By MindChamp

  • It helps with academic performance by improving the concepts of maths, writing, and creativity.
  • It helps to increase confidence at school or in other social situations with enhanced communication skills.
  • It helps with logical problem solving and improve logical reasoning.
  • It's a very creative and fun source of learning with rewards as outcomes.
  • It helps children to understand the coding instructions and working of computers.
  • It will help your child to visualise the possibilities for how coding and technology can solve problems of the future.
  • It will help kids with their computational thinking.
  • It helps in developing focus and organisational skills.
  • It makes the kids' future ready with lots of career avenues like apps, robotics, etc. to hold on to.
  • It helps kids achieve their dreams with a secured and bright future.

My First Python Code
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Since the children of today will potentially reach employment age in the next decade, having a coding and programming background could mean they are very much in demand.

The digital jobs market is one that continues to show rapid growth, with an increased demand for computer programming skills, but less availability of suitable candidates for the same.

Switched- The best online platform to learn coding!

To make your kids familiar with the basics and advanced concepts of coding, Switched offers best online coding classes for kids, where they are guided by experts on different areas of programming. Some classes that all parents can look forward to, on our platform are:

  • Introduction to Coding Using Scratch (7 to 13) years
  • Introduction to Coding Using Blockey (5-12 years)
  • Coding Using Python (11 to 18) years
  • Introduction to Coding Advanced (10 to 14) years

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