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Updated on July 2021

Communication is the key to any relationship. Language has played a major role in allowing us to express and communicate. When it comes to speaking in our native or local language, we face no issue but when we visit a new place where the language of communication is completely different, English is the only form of language we hold on to, praying dearly that they understand us. Therefore, English has become a 'link language' for the classes and the masses.

People have realized the importance of especially spoken English for communicating, this acts as a blessing while travelling, for work purposes or simply helping out a foreigner who comes to you to ask for directions. Because of this reason, spoken English classes are booming and mushrooming in every nook and corner of the world. Thanks to satellite TV and the internet, more people are getting access to this once foreign tongue. Now people everywhere can enjoy the Hollywood Blockbusters in the comfort of their drawing rooms and also learn about the culture of the West through soaps, movies, movies.etc. For the younger generation, English has become the passport to success and prosperity.

Hence, with the onset of the internet and technology era, learning English through various online English speaking classes have turned out to be very fruitful for many. Let us understand, in detail, why online English classes are gaining strong grounds:

Online English Spoken courses are slowly taking over the traditional methods of learning in a classroom owing to a plethora of advantages and conveniences they offer. They are classes that come with the following benefits:

1. Very Convenient

One of the major plus points of taking any course online is that they are very convenient as they can be attended from the comfort of one’s home. One does not have to take the trouble of travelling to an institute or a campus and can instead easily attend the class whenever and from wherever. This allows more students the opportunity to take the English Spoken classes.

2. Better Learning

Live online courses in the comfort of your rooms, sitting comfortably, with a headphone or Mic, the learning becomes more personalized. This way one gets to learn and catch up on the course more quickly. One can have a one on one encounter with the instructor and also gets corrected at that very moment. This way the instructor can ensure that the student is pronouncing the words correctly by using correct grammar at all times.

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3. Enhances Skills

Since the courses are imparted through an electronic device like a phone or a laptop, it becomes very important for the students to attend the classes with the utmost attentiveness. Such online English speaking courses work on a student’s, not just speaking, but also listening skills. Through such online classes one can learn to listen intently, patiently and carefully, thereby improving their overall communication skills. Reading is another skill that these online courses help one improve with the number of articles and ebooks one can find online. Interesting stories in English as well as group audio discussions take place to impart such skills.

4. More confidence

Online Speaking courses are especially fruitful for the generally introverted and shy students. These students may be uncomfortable opening up in front of their peers in a classroom but classes through the screens of their devices helps them in becoming more open and comfortable. The students would thus feel less hesitant interacting with their instructor or their peers.

5. Availability of endless resources

Online speaking courses are spent in front of a careen and there are multiple ways of taking advantage of this. For example when your instructor mentions a name, a place or an expression you haven’t heard of, you can Google it to find out more. You can look up definitions, synonyms and grammar rules anytime. There are also several online English speaking tools to help you stay up on your game.

6. Meeting new people with an online community

Learning English virtually in groups is a great way to meet new people who are on the same boat as you- they too are at home trying to improve their English speaking skills and find a sense of community online. You no longer need a physical classroom for a tight-knot group, let not the situations and geographical boundaries bound you from learning.

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SwitchED- The perfect online platform to improve on your English Speaking skills

Since, we at SwitchED understand the importance and the need of English as a link-language, we also understand the earlier one learns to strengthen this skill, the better it gets and the more confidence one gets. SwitchED offers English speaking courses for ages 8-11 with the best instructor, ensuring that the students have the academic, social-emotional and workforce skills to succeed in the 21st century with the power of their words and their confidence. The sessions take place in small groups to ensure the effectiveness of the classes. Enrol your kids now and help them master the language that has no barriers.

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