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Updated on September 2021

Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages in China. However, if you thought Mandarin is just restricted to China, you might be in for a surprise. With about 1.3 billion native speakers and a good growing number of learners around the world, Mandarin is deemed as one of the fastest growing languages of the future. Though Mandarin speakers and scholars are mostly from China, people from other nations and territories are also showing interest in learning this language.

So,what is the core reason for this surge in demand for chinese languages? The answer lies in the fact that China, with its major share of population and technology, is emerging as a cultural, political and economic leader with immense growth. Since Chinese prefer doing trade only in their language, learning this language will open doors for communicating with the top trade leaders of the world.

Mandarin Chinese, as it is commonly known, is one of the most ancient languages of the world. Chinese inscriptions have been dated back to more than 3000 years. Out of the many dialects in Chinese language, Mandarin is the most famous one. Chinese grammar is relatively easier to learn than Spanish or French, and this is also a reason why more people are opting for Mandarin as a foreign language.

Mandarin Chinese Language
By Simran

Learning Chinese languages can aid in different fields such as:

  • Understanding Chinese heritage and archaeology research.
  • Comprehending the rich literature in the form of novels, stories, drama, poetry, movies, etc.
  • Get an insight into the emotions, sentiments, struggles and values of Chinese people to expand business opportunities

Whenever one chooses to learn a language it isn't just the dialect or written characters, but a whole new culture that one is exposed to. Therefore, starting at a young age is beneficial as is the case of any other language. So if your kid has a bend towards learning this language you need not go looking for appropriate classes. SwitchED, as an online learning platform has an option to impart Mandarin courses online. Our online language classes for kids range from options like Spanish, French, English, Arabic and Mandarin.

SwitchED Chinese Learning classes:

1. Mandarin Chinese Language

This class is conducted by WeBee Mandarin Language Institute which has specially curated fun and activity aided courses for kids. The age groups that can enrol for this class are between 4-14 years. This is a purely conversational Mandarin class which will include Chinese Nursery Rhymes, Written Characters, E flashcards and games. The class will be headed by educator Ms. Simran, who has worked in Guangzhou, China as a business interpreter with an experience of teaching mandarin at corporates as well as schools. She is well known in Mumbai for her Mandarin teaching technique.

Speak Chinese
By Inchin Closer

2. Speak Chinese By Inchin Closer

This class will focus on verbal learning of numbers, colours, foods and animals in Mandarin Chinese. Inchin Closers certificate Mandarin courses for kids are taught by native Chinese professional teachers and are interactive, engaging and full of cultural anecdotes. In this class, your kid will learn to sing Chinese songs, the ability to introduce themselves and describe their likes and dislikes in Chinese. Students will learn Mandarin language and culture through interactive games, activities and exercises. With a focus on conversational Mandarin, Inchin Closer teachers ensure small classes, personalised attention and a better understanding of our largest trading partner.

The international curriculum for Mandarin, as taught in international schools in Hong Kong and Singapore is followed in these sessions. All the native Chinese teachers are also highly qualified and speak fluent English to be able to communicate with kids and remove their doubts instantly. All students who register for Inchin Closer class will have FREE access to the Inchin app.

Our educators, with more than 12years of experience, strive to make the class as fun and interactive as possible, so that your child embarks on a magical journey over the great wall, through mysterious bamboo forests and to the home of the Giant Panda.

Don’t wait long to avail this amazing opportunity for your child to enter a whole new world with a different language, to give him/her an edge over others in the future.

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