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Updated on December 2021

When kids begin to explore their talents and specialities, one of the areas that they may explore and excel in is painting. Painting may not be every child’s cup of tea but it does have a certain positive impact on them.

  • Painting can help your little one communicate their feelings or emotions better. Through the use of different colours and their creativity, they can express their feelings better even without the use of words verbally.
  • Painting enhances the child’s hand-eye coordination, a very important skill that needs to be honed at their age. This is developed during the process of painting the parts that they see, ensuring that their hand movement is at par with their vision.
  • Painting can allow your child to develop mobility skills. Their hands and arms are in constant motion that allows better muscle movement which in turn keeps them healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Painting can be a great platform for the kids to progress and discover their creativity. They explore and learn while having fun about the various colour mixtures and how they work together to create a masterpiece.
  • One of the most amazing magic that painting does is it acts as a therapy. Painting may be a way for a child to heal emotional confusion and stress. Along with this, painting altogether helps the child feel better about things that they may have bottled up inside. This makes them feel calmer and lighter.

Digital Art and Animation for Kids
By Tasneem

These days when the world has resorted to working from home and imparting and gaining education from home, different forms of creativity like painting classes are also easily available for everyone through digitised learning. Switching to online painting classes may be a new approach and there are several mediums online to do so. SwitchED offers your kids an array of online art classes that includes painting. Whether you want to build your child's confidence, occupy their after-school time, or simply teach them the delights of painting, SwitchED has over 15 online art classes for kids.

Expert Instructors at SwitchED

No matter what your child's experience with art, our top-rated instructors will provide a quality art education at an affordable price. These instructors will allow your kids to explore their creativity in each class without restricting them to any particular limits and rules. This set of amazing experts knows how to impart the art of painting, with a clear vision that being good is secondary but having fun and sharpening their other skill sets are primary. SwitchED has art classes starting from ages 5 years to 18 years. The Online Art for Kids relates to Famous Artists, Lifestyle, Personal Development, Arts & Crafts, Creativity, History, and much more.

Learning art with SwitchED is fun and effective. You can gain unlimited access to many art video lessons taught by our talented mentors. Spark your child’s creativity with amazing Live Art courses every day of the week. Choose what suits your child.

Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes
By Rachna & Puja

Why Learn Painting with SwitchED

We offer many online drawing projects and classes, such that your child creates a brand new painting piece in every single class they register. With us, your child will thrive in a warm, nurturing, and educative online learning environment, as they:

  • Gain step-by-step instructions from our experienced art/painting teachers that is easy to follow from home (no parent supervision needed)
  • Learn to socially engage online with many friends worldwide and peers in a positive learning environment
  • Create imaginative artworks across many projects and feel accomplished
  • Discover and learn new drawing techniques with pencils, sharpies, pastels, watercolours, and collage, and many more
  • Know and learn about reputed artists who loved to draw and other exciting art history fun-facts
  • Receive one-on-one, individualized art instructions from the best instructors who are professional artists worldwide
  • Learn to express themselves dependably and freely through art
  • Get the benefit of online art classes with enhanced health and wellness that art and creativity are known for, such as increased confidence level, self-esteem, focus, stress relief, communication skills, and achieving higher test scores as well!

What’s stopping you? Let your child’s creativity and imagination soar with SwitchED! Enrol them now and watch them learn, grow and become the best version of themselves through the art of painting.

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