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Updated on May 2021

In this ultramodern era of computation, preparing your child for a sophisticated future is highly essential. Online coding classes for kids bridge the gap between technology and human capabilities and help them to get familiarised with the tech world at an early age. When our dependency on computerised tools cannot be avoided, being a tech-pro is the only solution to keep up with the current biz. In this scenario, SwitchED provides live online coding classes that upgrade your child’s skills and make them proficient in handling neoteric technologies.

Let us take a peek into different online coding classes provided by SwitchED in detail and their relevance.

1. Coding Diagnostic Class

The coding diagnostic can help children develop their problem solving, sequencing skills, which contributes to the overall learning of science subjects. These online coding classes for kids are designed for an age category of students who are five years and above. This is a customized platform where your child can attend the classes depending on their aptitude level. Our educator will evaluate which level your child is at, and live online coding classes will be provided accordingly. We provide a student engagement platform that spurs their personal growth alone with these 40 minute coding lessons.

2. My first Animation level 1

Children have a keen interest in animation. Why not take it to the next level? Use it for learning the nuances of building these cute figures through our online coding classes for kids. This course is formulated for the age group of 7 to 20 years. This program has three levels, and students can learn basic concepts such as algorithms, debugging, etc. Live online coding classes also help in the real-life application and practice of the hypothesis.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Level 1
By Coding & More

3. Introduction to coding using Blockey

If your child has a creative spur and inclination towards animation, then this is the best course to introduce them to the world of coding. Designed by MIT media labs, this 60-minute session is for 8 to 10 years old. All you need is a system to work with and interest to delve into new paths of technology for attending these online coding classes.

4. Website Building

Learn to create new websites by mastering the basics of HTML and CSS. Live online coding classes for website building are created for students who are 10 to 18 years old. Are you more attracted to the inner workings of a website? Then these 60-minute online coding classes can make them understand how to build an HTML website and manage colours and designs using CSS. They need a laptop, trinket account, and another device to attend live zoom sections.

Coding Using Python
By Code W/Floppy

5. Coding using Python

Online coding classes using Python are one of the most popular coding programs in the computer world. This versatile language is used almost in every domain today, so learning the fundamentals will help your child build complex algorithms in the future. Python live online coding classes are organized for 11 to 18 years old, and the sessions are 60 minutes long. The basic requirements for attending the sections are a laptop, trinket account, and another device to attend zoom meetings.

Introduce your young ones to the fascinating world of Online coding classes and website development classes.

The possibilities of learning coding are limitless. Data suggests that the demand for programmers tends to grow 22% faster than any other occupation. This means attaining coding proficiency at a young age will help your child to shape an impressive career. Additional skills and knowledge about technology make them stand out in the crowd and enable them to crack any tech interviews easily. If you thought these courses could be mastered only by adults, then SwitchED makes the impossible happen. The online coding classes for kids are fashioned to prioritize student engagement and involvement. So if you want to improve their tech skills, this is the right time. Enrol now!

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