A New Era of Homework

during Online Classes for Kids

Updated on May 2021

In this shaky period, schooling has become digitized, but it also simultaneously altered the nature of homework. Homework was assigned before as an after-school activity for increasing proficiency. Unlike before, with online classes for kids, they are spending much of their time in front of gadgets. This aspect puts certain limitations on assigning and completing different learning projects. The end result is less homework and more classes; still, the question of the cruciality of homework remains unanswered.

SwitchED is here to take a deep dive into the changing nature of homework in this new era. It is important to tap the limitless possibilities of the internet and think out-of-the-box. This will help to deal with the changes of the 'new normal efficiently'.

Changing perceptions related to Homework Assignments

Online classes for kids come with the weight of managing various online classes along with self-reviewing homework assignments. As parents take the role of a “home teacher,” it is immensely difficult for them to supervise and distinguish between home assignments and regular classroom work. With all the myriad online distractions that students have today, most of them find it hard to focus on their classes. After spending hours on online courses on digital devices, the hesitation to complete homework on time also increases as the day passes by.

As you see, there is a huge difference between classroom materials and digital materials provided during online classes for kids. Most of the parents are struggling with their kids to find adequate materials, and even if they do, they do not have the attention of their child for long enough. With each delayed submission, it is beating the very purpose of giving homework to kids. This matter is not just affecting the parents but also the instructors. They are equally confused about the amount of work to assign and how to set reasonable deadlines. This has led some schools to decide to eliminate homework altogether or to give weekly assignments.

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How to tackle the issues of homework at home?

1. Preparation

Students are slowly getting adapted to the concept of distant learning. While they are getting used to this, the experience of online classes for kids is also changing. For instance, some students are taught in live online courses, while others have recorded lessons. In both cases, the student experience is different, and so is the homework efficiency. Students are attending their classes in a home environment. So the first step is to prepare them for the class and the homework. This aspect includes finding a solid place for them to attend classes and to do their work. Moreover, a study area helps them in concentration and relaxation.

2. Offline Tasks

During online classes for kids, they are already spending much time probably without a break in certain sections. As you can imagine, the task of retaining the attention of students is easier in regular classrooms in contrast to online classes. Too much digital time translates into headaches, eye soreness, and stress. But then again, offline activities and assignments can solve this issue. Books are the biggest assets to employ this time. Let us take them back to the good old times. Introduce sticky notes and exciting novels that can grab their attention. By familiarising learning activities like reading through homework, teachers can help children fall back on track.

3. Personalized homework

Here is a brilliant idea, to make students more interested in the work they do. Personalized homework can target students’ weak areas that need immediate improvement —for example, describing themselves as a movie character or approaching an equation from different perspectives. This factor makes online classes for kids more engaging, as they would love to speak up on their findings and achievements. It can also be done with family involvement. They can ask their parents’ opinions as well. However, teachers should ensure that the family atmosphere is adequate for them to ask for their parents’ help.

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Teachers cannot always avoid homework assignments for kids as they are necessary for the student’s holistic learning and growth. Thus, it is time to think of creative ideas to improve such learning-related issues of young students. SwitchED gives an entirely different experience with its online classes for kids. We prioritize student participation and have developed diverse educational and extracurricular classrooms to make digital learning more appealing.

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