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Updated on July 2021

Attending a class meant physically being present in a classroom with the rest of your classmates where a teacher teaches you, however with the advancement in the field of technology and the internet taking over, classes can be attended right from the comfort of your homes. Online learning has many benefits and is indeed an efficient way of learning for learners of all ages. Besides the fact that online learning allows the students to learn from anywhere and anytime, it also had the added benefit of making resources easily available, both for the students as well as the teachers.

To make the online learning experience for your kids easier and more efficient, we have listed down a few tips that are sure to come in handy-

1. Taking the online classes seriously

Since you will be paying for the online classes for your kid, it is your responsibility to ensure that he/she is taking the classes seriously and is treating them like a real class. In case of online classes, the teachers cannot make the students sit and pay attention or make them do the assigned tasks, they must be guided and must be taught a sense of responsibility when it comes to completing tasks or attending the classes. Doing so will surely bear results.

2. Guide your child to take accountability for their performance

As parents and guardians, it is not possible to supervise them 24/7 , hence the child should be taught to be responsible enough for his/her classes. This teaches them to be independent workers, self-discipline and time makes them responsible.

3. Time Management is the key

Online classes may allow the flexibility of schedule, but this makes you and your child to map out a daily routine for the daily activities. In school, the child follows the schedule set down by the institution, whereas for online learning it is completely up to you. A properly set out routine that is followed leads to a more organised lifestyle for your child, allowing enough time to play, sleep, eat, recreational activities along with attending the online classes.

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4. Staying Organised

Since online learning makes the child responsible for so many things, hence it is utterly important to be prepared for a class with all the necessary requirements like notebooks, pencils, erasers, colour pencils and so on. Staying organised and getting the stationery ready before a class indicates efficiency as students and also avoids wasting time or distractions in between the classes. Thus, staying organised saves you time.

5. Ensure a proper learning space is at disposal

There can be numerous distractions for a kid who is attending classes online. Let alone the fact that you have to entrust the use of a device with internet onto the hands of the young ones, eliminating such distractions goes a long way in building the focus of the child. Before handing over the device, ensure that all websites and applications on the device are locked under your supervision. This ensures that they are giving their 100% to their online class.

6. Make use of the Internet

The Internet can be a great asset for you to personally guide your child and help them learn or understand a lesson, being taught through the online class, better and faster. There are endless games and applications, videos and documentaries that help them learn faster. Doing this will keep your child ahead of the game at all times.

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7. Active Participation

For kids who are an introvert and may shy away from speaking out or interacting in a classroom, online classes can be ideal for such kids, since everybody interacts through a screen. This confidence that encourages active participation ensures the overall development of the child. It makes him/her more socially interactive, helps in expressing and it also helps them clear doubts about a certain topic or lesson thereby making them more confident in the class and about the lesson itself which in turn will cater to increased interest.

8. Learn from your peers

Online learning may feel like the kids are doing everything on their own, however, encouraging them to engage and interact with their classmates and their teachers will help them in their lessons. Through phones and the internet, although at distance from each other, staying connected does not become an issue. Peers can be a valuable resource when preparing for exams and tests, chances are that they will appreciate doing this as much as your kids will.

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