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Summer Camps for kids

Updated on April 2021

Summer camps are believed to be the best places for the cognitive development of children. It is true indeed. Summer camps create a safe and fun learning environment where children express themselves, explore and learn. Children are enriched with social skills. It also gives them a platform to be independent and build their confidence. The benefits of summer camps are infinite for your kids but most importantly.

Enhances leadership skills:

In summer camps students are divided into small groups and then assigned various tasks for them to complete. They also get a chance to compete with others. One of them gets to be the leader each day. This enhances their ability to work in a group, finding solutions and leading the group to victory.

Build social relations:

In summer camps, there are students from different schools and places. Summer camps give them a platform to interact with new students, sharing their thoughts and emotions, and building friendships. This develops their social and cognitive skills altogether.

Better communication:

Having interacted with so many different students in the summer camps, children learn and improve their communication skills. This becomes an essential life skill as this will help them a lot in building their careers. If a student learns to communicate with others, it will help him maintain personal as well as professional relationships.

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Improves decision-making skills:

As mentioned earlier, summer camps provide a very safe environment and give an opportunity to be independent to the children. They have to make independent decisions that someone usually made for them on their own. This helps them learn to handle freedom responsibly. And act correctly in difficult situations. It helps them analyze every situation and acts according to the external stimulus. This develops their critical thinking skills.

Summer camps definitely helped students to evolve and explore. However with the current situation of the pandemic, summer camps are mostly non-functional. The coronavirus outbreak has led everything to shift to a virtual platform. Right from schools to offices, virtual is the new reality of every sector.

Thus, to overcome the hurdle of the pandemic and help children to indulge in summer activities, SwitchED has come up with various online summer programs for children in the month of May. Students can now learn new skills, interact with teachers and students from other states through a virtual window right from the comfort of their homes. SwitchED has curated a list of summer activities that can be held online and help children grow simultaneously.

For the May summer camp, SwitchED has-

  • Corona Maze Game:
  • In this program, kids will be given a little insight into the world of coding and game development. This program has been specifically developed for young beginners and intermediate-level children aged above 10. The class starts 7th May. Enroll your kids today and introduce them to the virtual coding arena.

  • Creative drawing fun camp:
  • This is a 5-day program under which your children will learn and explore creativity. They will be introduced to different forms of art and techniques. The class starts on 17th May and the age group is 7-10.

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  • Konichiva Japan:
  • In this special program, children will learn about the country, its culture and will be given an introduction to the Japanese language. This program is for students between the ages of 5-15 years.

    English enrichment:

    This program is aimed at improving and enhancing your child’s English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. This program is specifically for the age group of 10-14 years.

    Emotions and Expressions:

    This unique theatre builds stage confidence and helps students understand emotions and express them in a better way. Perfect for students between 8-15 years. Enroll today!

    Summer Smiles:

    this is a fun and funky dance and drama program. That enables students to dive into the learning experience of art and culture. This program is designed for students more than 8 years of age.

    AI Summer Camp:

    To give your students an insight into artificial intelligence, this program aims to develop their interest in science and robotics. If your child is between the ages of 7- 13 years then enroll them today.

    Choose from wide range of Classrooms offered by SwitchED for Summers and Holidays and help your kids to learn and grow while staying at home and utilize the time by enriching their skills.

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