Why School Is Not

the Only Place to Kick Start Kids' Socialization?

Updated on June 2021

Well, interestingly, the word "Socialization" has two meanings. The first one is the act of mixing socially with others. Secondly, it is also the process of learning to behave in a way that gets accepted in society. Thus, it is essential for children to socialize from a young age. With the unforeseen situation of the pandemic, socialization in person can create bigger problems.

Schools are forced to stay shut, and parents might worry about their child's personality development when he does not have proper exposure to interacting with the outside world. Well, we have a solution for teaching these qualities to your children.

Researchers believe that there are chances that children actually learn better virtually. Children learn the ability to work and organize in groups better when they learn that from home. They understand the sense of self and develop their self-esteem better as well. There is more efficiency in the online mode as the children also have time to build and work on their personal interests and hobbies. There are fewer behavioral changes since they look at their parents as role models and not their peers.

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By Nadine

How can we help?

SwitchED is basically a proficient online learning platform for kids. We offer a range of courses for toddlers to teens. We at SwitchED believe that learning should never stop. So, no matter what, we keep our classes going. What do children learn through us? –

Enhance communication skills:

Whichever course you choose for your children, we provide an interesting platform for them to express themselves. They get to talk to the experts in the domain they decided. Our experts tend to guide them along the way. They also get to interact with their peers and learn new skills together.

Develop leadership qualities:

We teach them to take charge of themselves and the troupe through our programs. Our communication and personality development courses can help to make your kids independent and good leaders. Leadership skills aid your child in imbibing qualities that will assist him/her in increasing his/her network in the future and advance to greater heights in his/her career.

Improve Cognitive skills:

When children take an interest and participate actively in our workshops, they develop their cognitive skills. With our challenging tasks and assignments, they learn while having fun. In addition, they tend to understand concepts better since this challenges their brain. Cognitive skills act as a foundation for boosting the overall socialization abilities of your kid.

Enhance confidence levels for socialization:

At SwitchED, we have different courses related to acting and improve the confidence of your children. These courses make your children more agile, build their inner confidence and lastly, make them more enthusiastic. Specifically, for toddlers, we have special batches. It will surely imbibe socialization skills in your child.

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Simplify socialization:

Since socialization is one of the most important elements of life, we never ignore it. More than learning new skills, we want our students to be socially responsible, independent, and good humans. Therefore, we try to inculcate all the possible life skills through our programs. They learn to interact with experts and other troupe mates virtually. We give them a platform to explore themselves. Our guides can lower the fear to socialize among kids by uncomplicating the process steadily as per your child's aptitude.

What courses do we offer?

SwitchED believes in the holistic development of your child. Therefore, we have classrooms designed to cover almost all the nuances of a child's academic as well as co-curricular needs. We have a cultural domain wherein we have dance, drama, and speech classes. Our mentors also offer tutoring for different musical instruments. The guitar is a popular choice among our students. To improve the command over languages, we assist in languages like English and Spanish. Sports are also a fun way to engage your children and improve social skills. With our football and yoga classes, we do exactly that.

All these courses are conducted by eminent mentors and teachers. What more could you ask for? So enrol your kids today and let their creative, life-changing journey start with us. With SwitchED, Learning never stops!

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