Why SwitchED Is The Best Platforms
To Learn Programming?

Updated on December 2021

Online learning portals are becoming the top choice of learning these days due to the flexibility they offer in every aspect. With busy schedules and tough school curriculum, children aren’t left with much time to venture out for every extra curricular activity they want to participate in and the same goes for computer programming and coding.

In such cases, programming courses for kids are preferred online as a handy option, with an opportunity to attend multiple classes apart from taking up programming as a part time hobby. However some may want to seriously pursue programming and coding as a career option so for them there are some best online coding classes from some of the best online coding schools that they can rely on.

But the question that arises is, how do you choose the best online platform to learn coding for your child? It can get a bit tricky to actually place your choice on one, as every platform will have different features and classes to offer. But what if we told you that at SwitchED, you can rest assured that all your needs and specifications for your child will be thoroughly covered? Ofcourse, before you enroll, you ought to know the striking features that SwitchED has, to build your trust upon us. So let’s find out why SwitchED is indeed one of the best platforms to learn programming.

Juniorcoders Programming Course - Module 1 By
Code W/Floppy

1. Bess programming instructors on board

SwitchED is committed to connecting students with top educators capable of providing an incredible learning experience. This elite group of educators can help students shine with the wealth of experience they have in the field of computer programming and coding.

2. Variety of classes on programming/coding

SwitchED online classes touch upon a huge variety of classes according to different age groups and level of learning which your kids can choose from. Starting from basics to intermediate and advanced level, spread over age groups 5-18 yrs, you’d definitely be spoilt for choice here!

3. Personal attention oriented and engaging

We offer a plethora of one on one and group classes in small batches to choose from depending on each child's requirements. The educators individualize classes and present materials and concepts in engaging, easy-to- understand ways that keep students motivated, captivated and interested.

Juniorcoders Programming Course - Module 2 By
Code W/Floppy

4. Activity based learning

SwitchED creates a thriving community between like minded children where they can grow, engage and learn through mutual interaction with their fellow mates and their mentors. Our experienced educational consultants can assess every student’s unique needs and learning style and help students identify an educator that is the best fit.

5. Fair prices

We are a premium learning delivery platform providing the best virtual classroom experience at radically fair prices. We believe learning should be seamless, fun and accessible to everyone - anywhere, anytime. We aim to provide trustworthy and quality service and build a student community.

SwitchED is trusted by parents worldwide for its international approach and teaching techniques. It’s time for you to experience the same by enrolling your kids with our portal. Give them an opportunity for a better future

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