Why is online

learning important for early childhood education?

Updated on July 2021

With the internet taking over the world completely, be it work or education, online platforms have certainly made a positive impact especially with everything that is going on in the world with the onset of the pandemic. The normal ways of life have given way to scenarios like work from home and online classes.

The traditional method of receiving and imparting knowledge that had been a way of life for students and educators for so many years now, has completely transformed into a more digitised and technology based form of classes. With the advancement in the arena of technology, modernised modes of teaching and learning have been introduced in the world of education. Online learning has been described as the ‘future of education.’

Let us discuss some of the advantages of Online Learning.

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A comfortable learning environment to all:

The idea of learning or teaching right from the comfort of our homes, within the safe walls of our homes is absolutely intriguing. This sort of environment gives each and every child the confidence to grow and learn better.

More convenient and flexible:

Online classes offer the flexibility of time which in turn can be scheduled to suit the students’ every day responsibilities. This is especially for those who try to juggle work and classes or family responsibilities. Now with the help of online classes, attain that well deserved degree without any hassle or rush.

Improved virtual communication and collaboration:

Learning to work with others in a virtual environment can make everyone a more effective leader. Participating in discussions with the classmates and constantly communicating with the teacher becomes easier through emails, SMS and many more. A good communication and well collaborated team leads to smooth functioning of the learning and teaching process.

Improves technical skills:

Use of technological devices as a medium to online learning enhances the technical skills of all, including that of the teacher. A skill that is very much a necessity in the 21st century.

Access to endless resources online:

The teaching and learning process becomes so much more efficient with the availability of resources for both the teacher and the students. The Internet and technology are opening doors to so many possibilities.

Reasons why online learning is important for early childhood education:

Now that we have understood how and why online learning is essential and beneficial in so many ways, give your child that opportunity to experience these right from early childhood.

For any skill, be it learning how to dance, riding a bicycle, swimming or learning a new language, starting early at a very young age, can have many advantages.

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Online learning- a catalyst for the young minds-

By nature, children are programmed to learn until they reach a certain age and have all the skills needed to function in the real world. Studies have shown that children do learn faster than adults. With this, the learning platforms available online help children learn and remember things better. Online learning caters to all kinds of learners like visual, musical or verbal, thereby helping children grasp on skills and topics better.

Tiny tech savvies

Online classes allow the tiny ones to accustom themselves with the use of technological devices. This enhances their other skills like problem solving and critical thinking right from an early age. The future may be a world that is majorly web-oriented in terms of business and will require employees who support this with their tech skills.

Builds their personality and character

Online learning not only has a positive influence on the skills of the children but also helps mould these young ones into good and confident human beings of tomorrow. Their mastery over technology and being exposed to so much knowledge at an early age, also ensuring they grasp what they see and learn, gives them confidence and makes them brave enough to tackle any problem in life.

SwitchED- A gateway to advanced and efficient online learning for your tiny ones

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