You Must Know Why Brain Teasers And
Puzzles Are Important For Kids

Updated on December 2021

Besides making the children sit in a classroom and listen to their teachers, the cognitive functioning enhances and sharpens when they are allowed to practice this daily. School subjects like maths and physics, to some extent, allow the kids to solve problems and logic-based questions by using their cognitive ability. This can also be done outside of the academics and classroom in a very interactive and fun way. How? Do you remember solving jigsaw puzzles as a kid? It gave you so much joy and left you engaged in what you were doing with little knowledge that you were constantly stimulating your cognitive abilities.

So much has changed but the fact that such brain teasers and puzzles still have the same effect on the cognitive learning and functioning of the brain is amazing. Today with the advancement in the world of technology and education and learning becoming more digitised, knowledge has not been restricted just to books, magazines and newspapers. There are various means of introducing your child to brain teaser games and puzzles through apps and websites.

Read on to see why kids need brain teaser games and puzzles as a part of their learning process.

Escape Room Stimulation
By Priya

1. Improves Attention Span

Brain teasers and puzzles no doubt require concentration and critical thinking. This encourages the kids to focus their attention for a prolonged period. This will ensure that they apply the same focus and attention in other areas as well like in maths, reading and many more!

2. Visual Perception

Various studies have shown that such brain teasers and puzzles also improve visual perception. This is a very useful and important skill that can help the kids in many areas such as solving maths problems, understanding geometry, reading, writing and also in cutting a pasting.

3. Improvement In Creativity

Brain teasers and puzzles also require the kids to think creatively. Solutions aren’t always what comes to mind and lateral/creative thinking is often required. Hence, brain teasers encourage creative thought and out-of-the-box thinking skills. Brain teasers are used to measure the creativity levels and skills in studies. This makes them a very good way to practice creative thinking.

3x3 Rubik’s Cube Course for Kids
By New Learning Horizons

4. Exercises The Mind

Brain teasers and puzzles exercise the mind differently from conventional learning. For anything to keep functioning properly, we need to keep utilising it. In the same way, our brain \needs to be kept in shape to keep up with our mental health and strength right from an early age. This can be very helpful to the kids as it allows them to use their cognitive thinking in other spheres of life, including school work, as well. Some examples of great brain teasers and puzzles are riddles, Sudoku, crosswords, solitaire or solving a Rubik’s cube; going ahead with a mixture of such brain teasers is always better than opting for just one.

5. Improves Memory

Such brain teasers and puzzles are a great way to allow the kids to improve their memory and concentration. Kids have to remember various shapes of pieces that do not fit a certain area. Solving puzzles should be a part of every child’s daily activity. The best part about this is that they won’t even realize that they are training their memory with such games and puzzles. Anything fun, will not feel like a burden the kids will learn faster and will enjoy what they do.

At SwitchED, we ensure that every class your kids attend is not just knowledge-based but is also filled with activities and games that will allow them to learn and practice their critical thinking with much enthusiasm. We encourage them to approach their schoolwork also with the same attitude and skill set that they use while dealing with such activities, puzzles and games. If you want your child to sharpen their memory skills, enrol them now in one of our online classes and let their journey towards advanced and more holistic learning begin!

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