Benefits of Public

Speaking for kids

Updated on April 2021

Public speaking is an art that not many can master. Statistics show that most people have stage fear. This gives them anxiety and creates a panic situation for them. However, in this competitive and ever-growing world, everybody needs to possess eccentric values.

Why is it relevant to harness the benefits of public speaking training for our children ? It is important as parents that we nurture our kids’ right from a tender age to inculcate necessary skills in them. It helps them become the best versions of themselves.

We at SwitchED have created a comprehensive public speaking and personality development class. These courses for young children will assist in eradicating their apprehensions regarding expressing themselves publicly. These classes are based on virtual learning techniques, and hence anybody around the globe can have access to them and learn from our experts. The Benefits of Public speaking are infinite as they help children develop holistically.

Public Speaking for the More Able Level 1
By Smita

Here we state some of the essential benefits of public speaking for kids that have a major impact on them:

  • 1. Building and enhancing confidence:
  • “Confidence is the key to success” true indeed. And confidence is something that our children can acquire over time, with practice and with patience. Once your child starts public speaking, he or she will unconsciously believe that he or she has delivered value to the people. This will help them develop faith in themselves, which they can take pride in despite whatever they choose to do in the future. Ultimately, all these things will help them overcome the fear of speaking to a crowd and build their confidence.

  • 2. Fosters the development of communication skills:
  • Public speaking is basically putting your thoughts and ideas into words and presenting them to a group of individuals. Through this activity, your children interact with people and share their ideas with them and vice versa. It leaves a positive impact on them and develops efficient communication skills. By becoming good communicators, kids will be able to speak with people confidently and fearlessly. This quality will definitely take time and effort to penetrate, but the results will be amazing.

  • 3. Enables inculcating planning skills in little kids:
  • Children are always under the guidance of either the parents or the teachers. This sometimes hinders their planning skills as everything is served to them on a platter. However, with public speaking, children will indulge in ample planning sessions. They learn prioritizing work that will help them develop this skill. This will help them in their academic, professional, and even personal arenas.

  • 4. Imbibes spontaneity and action:
  • An essential part of being a good public speaker is how well he or she can be spontaneous on stage. Good speakers are often loved and appreciated everywhere. Spontaneity is a byproduct of practicing public speaking. This will ensure that your children will never stumble when he puts out his opinions to anyone.

    Public Speaking for the More Able Level 2
    By Smita

  • 5. Public Speaking helps in learning the art of persuasion:
  • In this world, where there is fierce competition in every sector, the art of persuasion plays a vital role. If your child learns how to persuade people, it will help them professionally and personally in the future. This will help them build relationships in a better way. This skill is the most difficult to acquire. However, with regular practice and patience, one can master it. Exposing your children to public speaking from a very young age will help them learn all these abilities and excel in whichever domain they choose.

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