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Updated on April 2021

The domain of education is witnessing drastic changes around the globe. Education is no longer limited to books and pens; it is now based more on practical learning. The world is also becoming increasingly techno-driven with each passing day. It thus becomes essential for the next generation to equip themselves to handle the advanced technologies and adopt a more pragmatic learning approach. No wonder people are drawn towards online coding classes for their kids. To keep up with the evolving world, your kids must acquire technical knowledge from a young age.

There is a rising demand for coding skills in the mainstream education sphere. Coding can enable the inculcation of numerous qualities in young kids and prep them for the coming times. The team at SwitchED is here to enlighten all parents, students, and educators about the plus points of online coding classes for kids.

Best Online Coding Classes for kids increase your child’s cognitive and problem-solving skills

Coding basically refers to finding solutions for day-to-day problems using algorithms. Children learn to find answers to these problems on their own and devise a code. This builds their ability to solve problems. Once a code is generated, they learn to remove the bugs of the code; this enhances their computational and cognitive thinking, making them critical thinkers.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Level 1
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Online Coding Classes facilitate creativity.

Generating a code or a program is a tedious process and requires focus, determination, and a lot of creativity. The trick is to write the program in the minimum possible statements and errors, and this helps in enhancing their creativity. Coding also involves identifying and, at times, even creating different patterns using the code, developing a better visualization power in the students.

Coding is learning math in a practical way

Coding or programming is related to mental math and is basically an application of different concepts of mathematics. After learning how to code, your child’s aptitude and attitude towards learning mathematics will also change. Coding is sure to enhance his/her interest in mathematics and logical learning.

Best Online Coding Classes for kids help them to think outside of the box.

As seen earlier, coding is a solution for a problem, mostly, children need to think beyond to find their answers. Apart from technical solutions, the children are more likely to solve the problems they face in their lives in a superior way. Coding can help in the holistic development of your child.

My First Animation Level 1
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Coding is the new parameter for gauging our literacy.

With the globe turning its attention more towards IT and artificial intelligence, coding will be preferred as one of the essential skills in the near future. Having technical and computational know-how will be a prerequisite for any job.

Enrolling in Online Coding Classes for kids increases their career prospects.

The IT domain is an ever-expanding field. It has already become one of the world’s largest industries. Many people are likely to work in this domain, and career aspects are increasing in this area. Good coding skills are in high-demand among the tech companies such as Google and Microsoft. Learning through online coding classes for kids will help them attain greater opportunities for advancing their careers.

Find the premier Online Coding classes for kids with SwitchED.

To give your child the future he deserves, it is better to start with his/her coding journey right from a tender age. For the holistic learning environment for your kids, SwitchED has the best online coding classes for kids. Now your child can learn from the comfort of his home and open the virtual gateway towards success.

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