Which are the Best Online

Programming Courses for Kids?

Updated on December 2020

With a radical shift in learning modes due to the pandemic, parents are increasingly turning towards Online Programming Courses for Kids, alongside the existing classroom curriculum. Computer programming serves as the basis for all the technology that surrounds us, making it crucial for children to get a solid foundation that will set them up for success. Generally, academic curriculum contains the basic coding programming courses that use mock scenarios to develop code. As a result, students lose interest as they don’t see the real-world connection and how to use these skills. Online Programming Courses for Kids on the other hand are being designed to give the children a chance to experience programming with real-life examples. It helps children understand application of technology and its importance. This enables parents and children to make the right decision on whether they should pursue a future in programming, or not.

Why Should Kids Learn Online Programming?

There are many reasons why kids should learn Online Programming. Let’s find some top reasons on how Learning Online Programming can play a role in creating a better future.

Computer Programming is Extremely Useful in Several Cognate Fields

Many children don’t want to learn to code. One of the best ways to encourage learning of basics in computer programming is relating its application in several cognate fields. So, let them learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) online course skills which are essential for many fields. These skills share many elements with computer coding and they will not feel overwhelmed by the concept of coding.

Introduction to Coding Using Blockey Course

Fun and Creative Process

Online Programming classes can give your kids the ability to explore, imagine and create their own games, puzzles, programs, website, and many more. At SwitchED, our international level educators are constantly innovating ways to make learning online programming fun and engaging.

Online Programming Opens up Many Job Opportunities

Coding and Online Programming may not be everyone’s choice. But, for those who are passionate about it, demand for coding and coders is increasing rapidly. It can both be a well-paying and exciting profession. Even if your kid is not keen to become a coder, knowing basics is becoming important in all fields.

Best Online Programming Courses for Kids

At SwitchED we have 20+ online coding classes for children of different age groups. Let’s find some online programming courses for kids aged 5 to 18 years:

Coding Diagnostics and Introduction to Coding Skill Workshop (ages 5 to 14)

This is a popular programming online kids class at SwitchED. We offer a FREE Coding Diagnostic Class by Mindchamp, where we understand the aptitude and assess prior knowledge for coding. It is a fun-filled 40-minute learning session. In the Introduction to Coding Skill Workshop, your child’s learning adventure starts. Our trained tutors give the children insights into basics of programming and makes the learning experience educational and entertaining.

Introduction to Coding Using Scratch Course

Introduction to Coding using Blockey, Scratch and Python (ages 6 to 18)

We have multiple classes that provide online programming using Scratch, Blockey and Python. Different age groups have different classes enabling the child to experience coding at different levels on different popular platforms. These online classes on visual coding provides an ideal environment for kids to learn about the key areas of branching and iteration plus variables and gaming logic. After this course, your child will learn how to use engaging virtual projects to create fun and many animated applications and games.


My First Animation, My First Website and My First App (ages 7 to 14 years)

These coding classes are activity-based and will give your child a deep understanding of loops, algorithms, conditions, debugging, world wide web, and basics of UI and UX. Children feel a great sense of achievement after these online classes. We have coding classes for different age groups.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ages 8 to 10)

This is a unique curriculum developed by the professors at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT. We adopt a fun and engaging methodology with hands on learning to distinguish between AI and robots, learn the 5 big ideas that drive AI, understand the ethics and the bias in using AI. By the end of the course, children would have made simple apps for a Virtual Assistant, Facial Recognition and Mood Predictor. This is an 8-hour fun learning module. https://switched.org/class_details/158

Coding is gaining momentum and, is being rapidly adopted as its applications are widespread because of the evolving technologies. While, all children may not opt for learning high level coding, parents and teachers must encourage children to learn basics and advance their skills, if they are passionate about coding. Children should join interactive online programming classes that make coding fun, relevant, and engaging. The above online classes are designed to be both enjoyable and rewarding.

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