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Acoustic Guitar By Samuel

  • Recommended Age:
  • Recommended Class Size:
  • Duration:
  • 6 to 15 yrs
  • 1 students
  • 60 mins
About the Class

Each class will be for a duration of 60 mins. Through the hour, guitar music theory and practicals will be taught. Alongside this, there will also be discussions on how regional guitar styles are cleverly and tastefully blended with different rhythms to create unforgettable riffs/hook lines of global hits & trending songs.

About the Teacher

Samuel is a qualified Audio Engineer. He holds a Diploma Level 8 in Pop Vocals from the Rock School of Music. He has been a Professional Live Performing Artist since 2004 and a Music Educator since 2017. Samuel is extremely passionate about teachings and currently works with students across various Mumbai schools.