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Masti, Fitness, Capoeira Level 1 By Prof. Reza Baba

  • Recommended Age:
  • Recommended Class Size:
  • Duration:
  • 6 to 9 yrs
  • 15 students
  • 45 mins
About the Class

Don't quarantine your child's spirit during this LOCKDOWN. Set it free with #happyfit Capoeira classes. Capoeira is an indoor sport from Brazil, that combines movement, martial arts, dance, music and is full of energy and physical activity. And physical activity is known to build the immune system, improve memory, regulate hormones that improve mood and pleasure, develop critical thinking that is needed to improve academics, all of which are much needed at this critical time. For beginners, each hour is packed with memory games and specially developed exercises that build strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity, and coordination. Your child will also learn animal walks, body flow, Afro- Brazilian Dances, and simple capoeira martial art moves, all of which can be safely done at home. We guarantee our online classes are the next best thing to an hour of boisterous outdoor fun. Because fitness is as important as ABC. Gift your child a #happyfit hour. Gift yourself an hour of peace.

About the Teacher

All Instructors are certified and trained in the art of Capoeira by The Center for Capoeira India, Brazil, Russia and Prof. Reza Baba Massah, founder and chief instructor has trained at the Wingate University Israel. With 25 years of experience and teaching over 5000 students, The Center for Capoeira India is the first and only Capoeira academy in India. We run curricular and co-curricular programs in International schools across India and centers in Mumbai and Delhi.