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Learn French By Rhea

  • Recommended Age:
  • Recommended Class Size:
  • Duration:
  • 3 to 18 yrs
  • 10 students
  • 60 mins
About the Class

To begin with, Ms. Rhea would like to share that she never teaches the language as a subject, she always teaches it as a language. So that the students are learning with pure passion, joy, and heart. Because that's definitely how she intends to teach. Ms. Rhea focuses on 4 areas of each language - Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Because she believes in a comprehensive approach. The goal in every class is to make the student learn most of the work in the class itself but while enjoying the class. Poems, songs, short episodes, language movies, fun energizers, and activities play a huge role in the class no matter what age group. Ms. Rhea will try and reduce her use of English to explain concepts and instead use the language being taught or gestures so the environment created is fully encompassing. A mixture of vocabulary and grammar is taught depending on the age group. NOTE: Ms. Rhea will be available to take classes by December onwards.

About the Teacher

Rhea learnt French back in 2008 in school and then pursued it again in 2010 at the pristine Alliance Fran├žaise de Bombay. She completed 4 levels in Bombay and went to Paris, France for 4 months to finish 5th level. She started working 9 years ago when she was 17. She has majorly only tutored kids in small groups or one-on-one till 2015 and then she was fortunate to get an opportunity to be a freelance translator for two corporate firms and even train 40 employees of a Belgian Firm based in Bombay for 6 months. She also started teaching Mandarin at JBCN via the institute Skill Live (known as Yeh China before) in 2016. Since July 2020 she have been teaching French from Grades 2-5 at the International School of Bombay