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Bolly - Western Dance Class By Shreya

  • Recommended Age:
  • Recommended Class Size:
  • Duration:
  • 4 to 7 yrs
  • 8 students
  • 60 mins
About the Class

Dance is the art that helps teach a child to focus, creativity, and discipline, all of which are mandatory in any area of education. Dancing is a great form of exercise, and a love of dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow into adults. In this dance class, the children will learn to coordinate and control their bodies and the movement helps them develop spatial awareness. I'll break down each step and make them learn how to be creative, fit, and enjoy every aspect of this course. Each class will consist of three parts: 1) Warm-up 2) Dance 3) Cool Down Exercises. It'll be a mix of Bollywood and western dance styles. The children will be exposed to learning different styles like Bollywood dance, Hip Hop, Bolly Hop, Bolly Bhangra, Lyrical Hip Hop, freestyle, etc. Every lesson will end with a video to practice what the child learned in the class post-class.

About the Teacher

Shreya is a Choreographer, Fitness and Dance instructor by profession. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching dance and curating Sangeet Choreographies. She is working with Fit Kid Fun Factory since 2018. Where she has tie ups with for dance sessions and Fitness classes! She is very much keen in teaching kids and love being with them. Dance forms she teach: Bollywood, western, semi classical, folk dances, fitness workout, freestyle, bhangra and garba.


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