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Mathematics Class By Azka

  • Recommended Age:
  • Recommended Class Size:
  • Duration:
  • 12 to 16 yrs
  • 1 students
  • 60 mins
About the Class

This class starts with daily topics such as Algebra, Angles, Trigonometry and explain students through solving their past paper questions and with different formulas. At the end of lecture, the tutor would be ask students to solve past paper questions to test their understanding of the concept. Ms. Azka uses different learning materials such as presentations, videos, blackboard, to make the class more interactive. Teacher is happy to provide free trial one-on-one session to the certain sign up. Please contact SwitchED to schedule classes email us at or Whatsapp us on +971551587411.

About the Teacher

Ms. Azka is a Math teacher based in United Kingdom and has completed her Masters in Strategic Accounting from University of Ulster, UK. Previously, she has done ACCA qualification alongside GCSE & A levels and have scored straight A's. She has past experience of teaching GCSE students subjects such as Maths, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies and she has helped students to achieve good results. Her teaching style includes making the students understand the concepts and then practice questions. She takes class tests and feedback from students regularly to make sure that they have understood the subject content.