The enrolling parent should note that they hereby in advance waive, release, acquit, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue the provider (SwitchED), from any/all actions, claims, damages, costs, loss of services, and expenses, on account of any and all known or unknown personal injuries, or personal property damage resulting from my child's attendance of the program.

They hereby give permission for themselves / their child to participate in this activity and assume the risk thereof and they do agree for themselves / their child at all times to keep the said Recreation Department, Personnel and the Township of Edison free, harmless and indemnified from any and all liability for any injury they / their child might sustain as the result of said participation.

Photographs, videotapes, and audio recordings of the audio recordings of the participant, while participating in an Edison Recreation Department Program may be made. They hereby permit, consent and authorize such materials of themselves / their son/daughter as an individual or part of a group with or without text, to be used for Edison Township Recreation Activities.

They are requested to note that Edison Township does not provide any insurance coverage for the participant or organization.