5 Best ways to ensure

engagement in online classes for kids

Updated on May 2021

With the COVID- 19 outbreak still haunting us, our kids can’t attend their school offline. The pandemic has forced them to stick to the screen for almost all learning activities. Extra-curricular activities and sports seem to have lost their chances in this pandemic. With everything shifting to the virtual platform, children might feel disinterested in attending the classes online. They might get distracted easily during the process of learning on To resolve this issue, as a parent, you can take certain steps that will ensure engagement in online classes for your kids-

1. Position and place are important:

Sitting and attending online school for hours can be exhausting. Thus it is essential to choose a place that is comfortable to sit for long hours. Having said that, it shouldn’t be so relaxing that your kids will doze off. Sitting on a table and a comfortable chair is possibly the best option for your kids. Avoid sitting on the bed and couches as this may be too comfortable and induce sleep. Try to make them sit upright. This won’t cause any backaches. If they get a quiet and peaceful environment, they will definitely feel the need to study.

2. Engage them in Physical activities before the classes:

Our minds might get clogged up if we do the same stuff every day. Our kids might lose their zeal and turn lethargic. The best way to wipe out this lethargy is to engage them in physical activities before the classes. Physical activities like Zumba, Aerobics, or Yoga can help the brain function better and relax the body. It helps in blood circulation throughout the body and especially in the brain. The brain functions better and thus increases their much-needed concentration. Once the children are ready to focus and concentrate, learning online won’t be a hurdle.

3. Keep them in touch with the world:

Everyone is bound to the four walls of their houses for a significant amount of time. This is affecting the confidence and social well-being of adults as well as children. Keep your children in touch with their friends and relatives. One call can improve their as well as your mood.

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4. Make sure they respond to the teachers while they teach:

Teachers are now using interactive methods like virtual quiz platforms and assignments. Make sure your kids follow every step as advised by the teacher. This will ensure his engagement in the online learning classes. Keep a check on him when he attends the online courses, discuss with your kids all he or she learned during the day. This practice will help them recollect and know better. Debate on interesting topics and interact proactively as much as you can on the matters that excite your little one.

5. Enrol them in online hobby classes or any courses that will enhance their skills:

When kids engage in activities they love, it helps maintain their motivation throughout. You can enrol them for drawing, dance, yoga, or coding classes online. This will keep the extra-curricular activities going. It will help them in their holistic growth, which is now stagnant due to the pandemic.

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