How Can Children

Overcome Digital Fatigue?

Updated on January 2021

Creative ways to improve your child’s virtual learning experience

Due to COVID-19, many schools and institutions are shut all across the world. As a result, education has changed dramatically. About 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom, taking online classes. Many schools shifted to virtual learning early on, and many still continue online classes even today. Teaching and learning have taken a total new approach – remote and digital.

For students, the increased time spent in front of a screen can be exhausting, affecting their health, eyesight, sleep and overall well-being. Most parents may worry about keeping their children engaged, especially when there is no alternative to online classes. This can however, be an opportunity for parents to be creative, involve their children and engage them in interesting activities to divert their screen time without getting bored. Here are some ways on How Children Can Overcome Digital Fatigue.

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Create a Beautiful Learning Space

You may notice most online teachers change seating arrangements and classroom decor so that students feel good and comfortable. So, bring a new look and feel to the study area of your child and decorate it with some fresh ideas. Switch things up in your child’s learning space. Let them choose the colour, theme and decor so that they are involved and it matches your child’s age and personality. Discuss with your kid, set a budget, and give their learning space a mini makeover. This idea may seem like a small thing, but physical spaces speak volumes of the expectations and attitudes towards learning.

Choose the Right Learning Routines

Check out your child’s daily routine and schedule their online classes to ensure there is no overdose of screen time. Children tend to spend their free time with gadgets, so it is important that there is a balance of learning and entertainment on digital platforms. A bad routine, however, can be worse than no routine at all. When you set the right Learning Routines, your children can learn and work easily. It helps your children succeed in their online classes, and they enjoy learning without exhaustion.

Create an ergonomically friendly workspace

We cannot avoid digital learning, but what you can create is a healthy workspace for your children. The top 5 things to keep in mind are: a well-lit desk space, a flat-surface to work on, well supported feet and back, device placement at arm-length and most importantly, follow the 20-20-20 rule – Look 20 feet away, every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds.

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Avoid Multitasking

Many people think that children can use this opportunity to do multiple things at once but in reality, it cuts into performance. Many researchers also say, that when you multitask, you can’t remember things as well as their more singularly focused peers. So, let your child focus on limited online classes and not try to do too many activities at one time.

Parents must model healthy behaviour

Children follow parents and seniors. When parents are busy on their gadgets, it is difficult to restrict children. Work towards creating a more engaging and some gadget-free time at home. Put phones away to have ‘family movie nights’ or ‘board-game evenings’ or ‘family-baking time’ or ‘family fun-games.’ Get creative, these activities will keep the children away from gadgets, reduce boredom, improve social skills and keep the family together. But it starts with parents. Set an example for kids to follow.

It is important to keep track of your children’s behaviour, interactions, sleep times, and health. If you find they are more exhausted at the end of the day, follow the tips above or visit a doctor or a counsellor to help them overcome digital fatigue.

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