How can students balance academics

and co-curricular activities with online classes?

Updated on April 2021

Co-curricular activities have a significant impact on the academic performance of the students. According to research conducted in the US, students who pursue co-curricular activities certainly get good grades compared to the students who have no interest in co-curricular activities. Indeed, academics or education comes first, but co-curricular activities are also equally important.

SwitchED is here to tell you why every student must learn to strike a balance between co-curricular activities and online classes. It is, however, not that difficult to balance the two things simply because online courses are highly convenient and have many benefits.

Most of the learning presently is taking place online, and it is absolutely important to balance both these aspects because of the following reasons -

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Let us deeply analyze how choosing online music classes for kids can be a life-changer:

  • Helps in personality development
  • The first and foremost reason for balancing these two aspects is that it helps develop personality, attitudes, and values. Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. Online classes are beneficial for students as they provide great exposure to the students. Students get a chance to interact with prominent educators and learners across the world. But to improve one's personality, values, and attitudes, co-curricular activities are essential as well.

  • Helps in developing qualities such as leadership skills, teamwork, and cognitive skills
  • Both extracurricular activities and online studies have their benefits and complement each other. For instance, if a student enjoys playing basketball, then regularly playing this game will relieve his stress. Co-curricular activities help in developing qualities like leadership skills, teamwork skills, etc. On the other hand, online classes aid in developing technical skills. With online classes, one learns to organize their tasks and manage time effectively. Online courses also aid in developing cognitive skills that are required in all the aspects of our lives, be it academics or co-curricular activities.

    Now you know the importance, it is time to implement it. Below are some tips for balancing your virtual studies and co-curricular activities.

  • Prepare a proper timetable or schedule for studies and co-curricular activities
  • An effective way of balancing the two aspects is by creating a proper schedule or time- table. Online classes are quite environment-friendly as students can attend them at their home's comfort. They give students enough time to explore and pursue other activities too. By doing so, one will get time for pursuing activities of their interest along with regular studies.

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  • Spend more time thinking and conceptualizing
  • Undeniably, another prominent way of balancing the two aspects is by spending more time thinking and conceptualizing things that matter. By doing so, a student becomes aware of his interests. They should devote time to research creative ideas around core academics and extracurricular activities. They can also implement learnings from one aspect into another.

    Students who strike a proper balance between their academics and co-curricular activities succeed in all the facets of their lives. In recent times, almost every student and parent is looking for ways to balance academics and co-curricular activities with online classes. For this, they must choose and select the right E-Learning platform. E-Learning is indeed the future of education. With the help of SwitchED, students can easily balance their academics and co-curricular activities. SwitchED provides Online Pre School Classes for kids, Online Language Classes, Online Creative Writing Classes, and several other online classes for kids of different ages. We focus not only on the academics of the kids but also on engaging in interesting games and activities to promote the overall development of kids. We try our best to enhance the skills of the students. SwitchED certainly intends to furnish a generation of exceptional talent. Feel free to contact us to know more about our courses!

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