October Half Term Activities

to Help Get Kids’ Skill Up

Updated on October 2020

October half-term is just coming around the corner. As much as all parents look forward to time with the kids, sometimes it can be stressful and expensive trying to think of ways to keep kids entertained. If you are looking for things to do in half-term for your kids, we have curated some amazing courses, classes and fun online learning courses for kids, at SwitchED.

Make the most of the half-term with fun activities that will keep you and your Child engaged and happy when learning new things during this October Half Term. At SwitchED, you will find everything from fun-filled virtual holiday activities including Halloween Coding, Enrichment programs, amazing Art Classes, Drama, Storytelling in English and Arabic, Creative writing for adults, and many more.

SwitchED doesn’t offer boring tuition, but instead provides an interactive, online live learning environment where your kid will be challenged intellectually in an enjoyable way. With these activities, your kids won’t even realize they are learning valuable life skills most of the time, as it is that much fun. There are so many activities you could try for your child - here are a few of our suggestions for fun things to do.

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6 Best Activities for October Half Term for Kids

There are lots of terrific things to do about autumn, but you need everything for your kids which will beneficial for them. Read on to discover 6 best ways to entertain your child all through half-term.

Halloween Coding Work Shop

Halloween Coding Work Shop is the best activity idea where your child can learn a variety of technical and science-based skills with fun. With the help of a subject-specialist tutor, your kid can learn to code, design robots, create their own Halloween games, and much more. It is a 60 mins duration, 3 days class best for kids aged 6- 9 years old. The class will be with limited students i.e. 4 students in each group to better communicate and understand. Halloween Coding Workshop by Code W/Floppy brings 3 different fun games while your kid has fun!

  • Your kid learns about Pen blocks in the carve your pumpkin game.
  • Know how to Dress up the most trendy Halloween costume and what are x & y co-ordinates?
  • Fun with Trick or Treat- Collect as many candies in the fun game. Get ready for some Spooky Coding!

Fun with Phonics

Workshop Requirements:

Your kids will need 2 devices, one laptop for coding the project and another device (phone/tablet) for zoom login.

The Amazing Art Class

The Amazing Art Class is specifically designed for the PRIMARY school students, for the age group 5 to 15 yrs. This Art class teaches your kids art styles and explores new ways of thinking and creating. The main goal of this Art class is to articulate kid’s ideas and discover the joy of creating unique artwork. This Art class duration is 60 mins with 10 students in each group. At the end of the class your kids learn about:

  • Understand the various patterns of Line, Shape, Colour, and play with the element of the Art.
  • They are motivated by the famous artists/master craftsman/designers.
  • Learn different art mediums and learn to experiment with lots of materials.
  • Discover traditional Indian art forms of telling stories and also make their one.
  • Learn to layer, build, and construct art related to our real world.
  • Learn Art related to their neighbourhood, community, and environment.

The Magic of Story Telling

The Magic of Story Telling- Once Upon a Time will be held by well-known storyteller Lamya. The size of this class is 20 students and the time duration of the class is 45 mins that will include 6 Saturdays starting from 24 October. The Magic of Story Telling is the best suit for the age group 6 to 9 yrs old kids. From this interactive, dramatic storytelling sessions with Lamya, your kids will learn how to bring stories to life. We have sessions in English and Arabic. And they learn how storytellers take their audience on a magical journey to another world. Your kids learn at the end of this class:

  • Know how to use different tools such as their voice, the sound “effects” while telling stories.
  • How your kids show various emotions through their facial expressions, gestures, and body movement.
  • How to take stories off the page into a world full of colours, sounds, and surprises.

Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program gives your child a love for lifelong learning. This Enrichment Program is for the kid age 9 to 12 yrs and the time duration of this program is 60 mins for 2 days. And only 6 students can be allowed in each group. Enrichment Program helps children to develop curiosity, challenge existing ideas & be open to new ones in your kids. Each session of this class is a mix of history, geography, math, science & art using videos, group discussions & debates, creative writing, games, and much more. After two days of half term, your kid will learn at subjects related to art which helps to develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us. Your kids can also participate in group discussions, videos, games, and much more with the world-famous artist.

  • Learn with the theme mix of history, geography, math, science & art using videos.
  • Group discussions & debates
  • Creative writing
  • Games

Creative Writing for Adults

Creative Writing is a 6-day program, with each session lasting 90 minutes. This writing class is for the student 16+ years with 10 students in a group. You learn about Mantras, Great Lines & Similes That Smile, Making Poetry From Potholes and How to be publish-ready. After the lectures and interactivity on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the assignment will be given to you which will have to be submitted by mid-day on Thursday. After the 6-day program sessions, you will learn about:

  • Making Poetry From Potholes
  • learns about Mantras, Great Lines & Similes That Smile
  • How to be publish-ready
  • Infusing poetry and many more

Make and Create

If you kid likes script writing and dreams of turning it into a play, you must enrol them for the live online Make and Create programs by switchED. This 6-day workshop for children who are 12+ age group. It is conducted by Faezeh, an acclaimed actor, artist, aerialist, and choreographer. She helps your kid put their imagination down in a 3 scene play that can be comic, tragic, satirical, fantastical whatever your kid wants it to be. You can have performed reading of it, with other participants.

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