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Computers are an integral part of our lives and therefore, coding is the new metric of literacy.

At SwitchED, we offer live interactive online coding classes for kids to inspire the next generation of to-be coders, creators and solvers. We bring to you a wide variety of unique curricula developed by prestigious institutions like MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. The curricula are specifically curated by our tutors who are professional educators and technologists. We equip children to learn new and modern techniques of solving complex problems, with critical thinking and creativity.

We provide over 15 online coding courses across the age group of 4 to 18 years where children will learn fundamentals of coding - logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking, thus enabling kids to generate creative outcomes such as websites, games, 3D Designs, animations, and apps. We also get the children introduced to advanced concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in extremely interactive sessions making the virtual live coding classes for kids fun and engaging.

Why Learn Coding with SwitchED?

  • We take immense care to ensure that learning stays fun
  • We offer a carefully curated curricula apt for the children
  • We have experienced tutors, who have trained hundreds of students
  • Our engaging and unique coding education platform suits all ages and expertise levels
  • We offer free trial online coding sessions across the world