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“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” – Anne Lamott

Writing, along with reading, is amongst the two most powerful weapons we can give children to cement the foundations of their cognitive development. Unlike the learning of verbal communication (spoken language), literacy is much more complex, due to the need to acquire and learn to use certain codes of written language that require intellectual development.

Why Online Creative Writing Classes?

All kids have something to say. When they are heard and write their thoughts, their self-esteem grows. If we encourage them to freely write down their thoughts and feelings, their ability to express themselves grows.

About The SwitchED Method

SwitchED online classes offer proven, fun, creative processes that teach kids naturally to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings already inside them.

Our online creative writing courses blend critical reading and writing with interactive activities to make children learn and remember concepts. Our classes are aimed at all age groups – six to adults! Personalized learning in small groups helps children to enjoy the process of learning and improves their skills. The classes for primary school children involve fun games, videos, vocabulary, and learning to simply express themselves coherently.

The older age group classes also facilitate children's education in school, as they explore different genres of books, current events, and non-fiction passages and expand their vocabulary and grammar in the process. Children learn to strengthen their writing for various media such as letters, blogs, news articles, essays, journals, ads, speeches, and poems. They also read an array of passages and excerpts from novels, short stories, and news and analyse the author's writing, understand the purpose, identify the main idea, use figurative language and make inferences to answer questions.

Benefits of Creative Writing Classes for Children

  1. Creative Writing Lessons encourages children to use their imaginations and express themselves
  2. Variety of Courses, Languages, and Teachers
  3. Creative writing develops reading, writing, and language skills and aids effective communication
  4. Creative writing helps them develop self-confidence and sense of identity
  5. Creative Writing Courses for Kids teaches them about empathy
  6. Creative writing provides children an emotional outlet

WHY SwitchED Online Classes for Kids?

We believe that a child’s confidence in his or her ability to write, along with the tools learned in every SwitchED  creative writing online course moulds them for a future educational, social, and personal success.

At SwitchED, we run daily online classes with qualified teachers. We also have writing camps with noted journalists like Bachi Karkaria, editor of a leading publication in India, who shares her personal writing tips and experiences with children and adults and even feedbacks on written work.

The aim of all our Children's Creative Writing Courses Online is to build a strong English language foundation for your children so that they may practically implement the knowledge they have gained.