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Interactive language learning for 5 - 15 year olds

Being able to speak many languages has become one of the most desired skills of the 21st century. Scientific research has proven that a child’s brain is the best learning machine ever created and their brain is fully capable of learning different languages at the same time. This creates an opportunity for us to nurture their minds through creative language learning classes online.

Online Language Courses – Creating Bilingual Minds

Fluency in more than one language has been linked to several advantages – it helps an individual to connect and communicate with people of different cultures, countries and backgrounds. It allows you to have various conversations and get along with more people. It increases social mobility, it helps the development of cognitive abilities, and even allays the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, and most of all, opens up various career avenues.

Educationists today are increasingly recognizing the value of being bilingual. They encourage new practices and methods to develop language skills. They help students to be proficient with multiple languages at schools and in universities across the globe

Bilingual adults have flexible thinking, ability to multi-task, and process information faster - an important skill, that can give you an edge in the 21st century.

Studying foreign languages is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort and involves a struggle. But did you know that the human brain is perfectly capable of being effortlessly multilingual?

Babies who learn multiple languages early in life even before they begin to talk generally grow up in bilingual families where they are exposed to the sounds of different languages present in the environment.

People are realizing that starting to learn a new language early in life is an advantage. To provide an opportunity to children keen on learning a new language, SwitchED is offering interactive online language learning classes by renowned educators in the field.

Why Learn Online language Courses from SwitchED

Online language classes from SwitchED provides a truly unique learning experience as we incorporate live, instructor-led classes to help kids understand and learn faster. Our online language courses combine the innovative, proven language learning techniques pioneered by SwitchED with a modern, customizable online learning portal that allows every student to get the most out from their course. Our teaching method has proven to be the fastest language learning method and the best online language programs available.

Benefits of online language learning with SwitchED

  • Live lessons with an instructor 
  • Variety of Courses, Languages, and Teachers
  • More Budget-friendly than traditional classes
  • Flexible options
  • New Learning Methods
  • Full Student support
  • Easy to use the portal
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Customized learning experience

Multiple Online Language Learning Classes

As a premier foreign language online class provider, SwitchED provides high-quality instruction in multiple languages — both modern and classical — originating from many countries. SwitchED’s multinational team of teachers has a proven track record of success in achieving proficiency for their students. SwitchED is widely known for its Hindi classes, English Classes for expats and foreigners for Hindi speakers.

Our Language Classes

Hindi Classes (Beginners) By Anushree

Anushree is a very well-established Hindi teacher. She has over 30 years of experience and teaches kids across all ages, ranging from young children to adults. Her style is adaptive and fluid. She has experience of teaching children across most South Mumbai Schools.

Recommended Age: 5 to 15 yrs

Hindi Classes (Beginners) By Rohan

Rohan has a love for Hindi language and has been teaching for over 3 years now. He is his patience and supportive. He allows children to feel confident as they explore the realms of the language.

Recommended Age: 5 to 15 yrs

Hindi Classes (Intermediate) By Anushree

Anushree helps children at intermediate level to enhance their Hindi language skills with advanced sentence creation, grammar and reading. Her sessions are interactive as she focuses on improving the child’s level of proficiency in reading and writing Hindi. Specific tailored classes can be created as per individual student expectation and levels.

Recommended Age: 5 to 15 yrs

Hindi Learning Made Easy By Radhika

With unique student centred style of teaching, Radhika has added immensely value through her online teaching sessions. She has a vast experience of 30 years, having taught at the prestigious Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai. She has graduated with a double Bachelors degree in Arts and Education and holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education. Her patient style and engaging manner has helped countless students master their hold on the language.

Recommended Age: 5 to 15 yrs

Hindi Sikhein and Bola Marathi By Meghana

Meghana Pendse is an independent and established Hindi and Marathi tutor since the last 28 years. She is an author and strongly believes in teaching using exhaustive exercises and method where a child learns to self-evaluate. She has helped children of high-profile celebrities and expatriates conversational and higher levels of Hindi and Marathi.

Recommended Age: 9 to 12 yrs

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Language Learning (FAQ)

Why is it important to study languages?

Learning a new language helps to boost your brainpower. It lets your child explore new cultures or discover work and travel opportunities. Different languages expand one's view of the world, give you unique experiences, and make an individual more flexible and tolerant. Learning a new language is more than just memorizing words, it is immersing yourself in a new culture and it provides you with a new window to see the world. Learning different languages uncovers new ways of communicating socially and professionally.

Will learning a new language help your career?

If you learn to speak a foreign language it will help you to have engaging conversations with people from different parts of the world. It is an asset when looking for a job. It helps you get preference over other monolingual candidates. Knowing a second language boosts your chances of interacting with new people, gives a sense of belonging in different cultural environments, and increases your chances of getting jobs worldwide, amongst a group of other candidates with similar abilities.

Are you more likely to get a job if you are bilingual?

If a job opening comes down to candidates of equal experience and education, the candidate who is fluent in more than one language is most likely and has more chances of getting the position. Even during the initial stages of the hiring process, being bilingual makes an impression in your child’s resume.