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Best one-on-one classes for middle and high school Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths

Want to help your child understand the world we live in and all the creatures that inhabit this planet? SwitchED provides the perfect online science class to enable your kid to unleash his/her inner scientist. Watch your kid ignite their intellectual curiosity and develop a scientific focus of mind and thereby creating a strong understanding of the fundamentals for a bright future in Science!

Maths is considered as one of the most difficult subjects. But, did you know anyone can do wonders with maths. Maths is magic! You can surprise and amaze your friends with interesting tricks and mathematics tables. All it needs is focus, a clear structure and an engaging method of teaching. SwitchED presents a simple and easy way for children with its online maths classes for kids. Our online maths courses enable children to solve real-world problems.

SwitchED offers Online Maths and Science Classes for Kids and workshops for Science for children of all age groups.

Master Concepts & Calculate Confidently with Best Live Math Classes

We understand that each student is unique and learning Mathematics is personal. Our Math curriculum is designed by experienced tutors who focus on concepts using real life examples. We ensure a combination of practical knowledge and personal strategies to solve math problems. We develop additional pathways to further the child’s understanding of Mathematics. We offer Interactive online math tuition for kids by world-class tutors. Students who are keen to learn Vedic Math Online can also enrol with us.

Why SwitchED for Online Math Learning

SwitchED offers online math classes for kids that help your child learn tips and techniques using comprehensive tools and interactive methods. We want your child to become proficient and an expert in maths.

Here are a few ways how SwitchED will help make Mathematics learning easier for Kids.

  • SwitchED provides online Mathematics activities that teach students problem-solving and critical thinking through discovery. Our experienced tutors provide dedicated support that has been proven to improve test scores and to reduce anxiety.
  • We use game-based maths principles to encourage students to learn, and we use varied approaches that have all the required material similar to schools such as worksheets, lesson plans, and of course real-time reporting, etc.
  • SwitchED content is aligned to your local curriculum and textbooks which helps the child to assimilate concepts easily.
  • Most importantly, we have worked hard to make sure students LOVE SwitchED.

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Nurture Scientific Thinking with Fun Experiments and Cool Facts

SwitchED has well-structured online science classes for kids to help kids build on their previous knowledge. Our educators are passionate about teaching Science and how it translates into the world around us. Our online science lessons follow an effective framework of:

  • Why? (context),
  • What? (theory),
  • How? (guided practice) and
  • What if…? (Independent tasks).

Our one-on-one class for middle and high school Physics, Chemistry and Biology Assistance with Secondary Science by Taherreh is very popular. In this Online Science Class for 12 to 18 year olds, students get help with concept clarity and day to day school work, research projects, assignments and exams. The focus is on understanding science concepts across all subjects by doing the various activities and making the subject’s fun. We work with students of all boards mainly, IGCSE, ICSE and IB.

Why Online Science Classes with SwitchED

SwitchED’s enhanced online learning is one of the first Virtual Classes to bring the in-person experience to you right at home! All classes are hands-on, live, interactive, and full of learning! During Science Classes for Kids, your child will be guided live in each class through amazing demonstrations, hands-on experiments, and different topics in science as they discover the joy of the world around them. There are many reasons for you to learn science from SwitchED.

  • We teach globally respected curricula to deliver excellent academic outcomes.
  • We allow students to select precisely the right course of study.
  • We recruit and retain outstanding teachers from around the world.
  • Our dedicated teachers enhance your child’s learning.
  • We set the highest standards of excellence in everything we do.
  • We also offer science tuition for kids in biology, chemistry, physics and more.

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