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Looking for a way to grow your kids' early math, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills during playtime? Our puzzles and brain teaser games will entertain and delight your little ones while they develop essential skills like number sense, spatial awareness, shape and pattern recognition, and even counting and subtraction.

Online Puzzles for Kids at SwitchED are fun online games to nudge their curiosity. With these free online games, your child will have hours of fun. From mind-boggling games to fun jigsaw puzzles, funny creatures, and even skateboarding, they love the variety and challenge of learning with games. 

Online Learning Games for Kids

Want educational games for your child that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more? You've come to the right place! 

SwitchED offers some of the best online kids’ games. From classic to newest, from simple fun, to the most challenging! This category is mainly for younger kids to pre-teens, but of course, Big Kids are welcome too.

Studies demonstrate that games and children's puzzles online are good mental stimuli and help promote brain health. This is true for children and adults. Games also stimulate the immune system and can trigger the use of visualization, memory, and sequencing skills. Many baby puzzle games also involve socialization and verbal interaction.

This type of imagination often leads to innovative, precognitive, and efficient problem-solving skills in various fields. Mind games demand the ability to recognize the different parts plus the whole picture of the problem. That requires both good logical judgment and ingenuity.

Our Online Puzzles and Games Classes

Chess in particular helps to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills and enables children to focus and learn how to strategize.

At SwitchED we provide chess coaching for all levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Students of all ages are welcome and the methodology includes understanding the unique individual needs of every player and nurturing their game-play & game-psychology accordingly through correct motivation and preparation. There is a strong focus on teaching key attacking and defending concepts in practical middle games along with consolidating the opening and end game fundamentals.

Chess is played every day around the world and brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together. Chess enables you to learn how to win and lose, develop social skills, helps you focus and build confidence and creativity, and problem-solving skills. It also helps to calm and exercise the brain.

We also offer other fun Online Puzzles for Kids like solving different Rubik Cubes Some of the benefits of the Rubik’s cube for children include patience, attention, and perseverance. To solve the puzzle, children have to keep working on the same activity for a long time and they improve their muscle memory.

Benefits of Online Puzzles and Games Learning with SwitchED

  • Live lessons with an instructor 
  • Variety of Courses, Languages, and Teachers
  • More Budget-friendly than traditional classes
  • Flexible options
  • New Learning Methods
  • Full Student support
  • Easy to use the portal
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Customized learning experience

You can introduce learning using puzzles and games as early as when they are 2 years old. This help to develop their mind, increase visual and spatial awareness, patience and focus. In addition, solving problems helps kids to learn how to handle multiple scenarios.


If you want to give your child this learning experience at an early age, enrol them to our online puzzles and games classes for Kids at SwitchED. Register today, and get started. Our program is guaranteed to help your child learn, and become alert and smarter as they grow.