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enroll your kids in Painting and Art classes

Updated on April 2021

With the world moving towards a techno-driven sphere, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep the screens away from our kids. Children are now shifting into staying restricted to their devices and have somehow lost track of creativity. This habit is a cause for concern for many parents.

To overcome the increasing lethargy of constantly staying at home and sticking to the screen, SwitchED has brought some interesting and thought-provoking courses. Our online painting and art classes for kids are one of our best classes to spark the light of creativity.

Wouldn’t it be great if our children could actually learn and grow with this new online technology? It is now possible that children can learn not only academic aspects but also gain skills that will be fun and creative at the same time. This could be all you need to bring the fun and joy back into your kid’s currently mundane lives.

Art Exploration for Toddlers
By Tasneem

Here’s why you should consider online art classes for kids:

  • 1. Painting and Art Classes open the door of creativity:
  • Creativity is an essential tool and helps not only in art but to develop pivotal critical thinking skills as well. Many esteemed men and women who have made a mark in the world like Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci had put forth the relevance of imagination and creativity. When you let your child learn and explore through painting and art classes, he or she starts to think outside of the box to create that art piece. This helps them to think critically and creatively to solve any problem in their future.

  • 2. Builds motor skills:
  • When it comes to painting or sketching, techniques are extremely important. With our online art classes for kids, they will learn these techniques and might even master those to become eminent artists.

    Holding the brush in a certain direction, applying optimal pressure, painting the strokes, and choosing the perfect colors are some of the techniques that will not only help him create a beautiful painting but also it will be helpful in developing motor skills. They can even learn about different ways to doodle and draw using online computer-based applications. By indulging them in our virtual art classes, kids will build their motor skills in a fun way.

  • 3. Painting and Art Classes can boost academic performance:
  • Painting and art not only develop motor skills but also boosts academic performance. This is mainly because art helps your child in thinking creatively and concentratedly which boosts your child’s memory power. It helps them excel academically as well. Art has also proven to be effective in increasing children’s ability to understand different concepts and theories.

  • 4. They can also have socio-emotional effects:
  • Come on we all love playing with colors, don’t we? Letting your kids explore this online creative learning platform can help them with their social and emotional aspects of life as well. Creating a beautiful art piece can give them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

    Digital Art and Animation for Kids
    By Tasneem

    Usually, after every art class, your children will be assigned a task to complete. It will motivate them to achieve things on time as well as give rise to satisfactory results for you and them too. They shall also communicate with our friendly mentors and fellow students to express themselves artistically. Such socio-emotional impact is good for boosting their emotional intelligence along with their IQ.

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  • With the chaotic world around us, we need to emphasise on self-love. Once your children develop that confidence and communication skills in them, it will eventually help them build a healthy self-image and open their gates to wider perspectives.

  • Enables imbibing an optimistic view towards life:
  • Join the creative learning journey today with SwitchED and open the gates for inventive energy to flow in your kids. With all these advantages along the way, online art classes are worth giving a try.

    SwitchED is an online learning platform that enables children to learn from the best of teachers with various available online classrooms even with the pandemic is still haunting outbacks. Check out our other programs today by logging on to our website. With SwitchED, Learning never stops!

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