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Updated on June 2021

Have you ever been a camper or sent your kids to a camp before? If not, SwitchED is here to do just that with its well-planned Summer Camp!

However, given the present day situation with everything that has been going on due to the pandemic, where and how would we organize a camp??

Leave that to us! An online Summer Camp that serves all the learning and playfulness on a platter for kids of different age groups right from age 7 to 18.

Let’s dive into a detailed description of all that we have planned for your kids:

Say Hello to the Land of the Rising Sun! Recommended for kids between 7-9 years

An opportunity for your little ones to learn about Japanese culture and language. A class that dissolves cultural barriers by allowing your kids to appreciate and gain knowledge about this rich culture.

Lost in Space
By Natskies

What does the class offer?

  • Basic Japanese conversation through use of simple words and sentences
  • Japanese numbers and colours
  • Engaging the students in various activities like origami
  • Interactive sessions about songs, food, festivals, sports and places of interest in Japan

The Sensei?

Learn about this culture through an experienced primary teacher. Born in Kobe, Japan, currently residing in Mumbai. Weaving personal and educational experience in teaching her students, Ms Nisha is truly an expert in not just imparting knowledge but also in carefully nurturing the young ones.

Sow the seed of interest and love for a culture so rich and diverse that later bears fruits of wisdom.

Just Speechy! Recommended for kids between 8-11 years

It’s important to convey what you feel in a direct manner avoiding beating around the bush. This means using the correct words and the correct body language, tone and so on.

There are many of us who tremble at the thought of just speaking in front of an audience or to people whom we have just met. Speaking in Public is definitely an added goal! Hence why not give your kids a head start to building their confidence towards Public speaking skills through SwitchED online Camp Classes.

Make your kids’ stride towards a public platform a cake-walk

The session takes place in small groups to:

  • Foster better learning experience
  • Work on building that confidence to express themselves with clarity and precision
  • Give wings to their imagination through activities like storytelling, poetry and narratives among their peers
  • Learn the tips on public speaking in a playful manner to make the class an engaging one with intellectual and interesting discussions.

Yagya Arora, a graduate Learn from an Expert from the Christ University Bangalore, with the experience of working in the field of media, has a strong passion for teaching that she nurtured with the Teach India Fellowship. So far she has taught over 200+ students English and History.

BECOME THE NEXT RADIO STAR! Recommended for kids between 9-13 years

With media gaining strong grounds in the 21st century, new doors of opportunity have opened up creating spaces for the talented ones in that field.

Since the very beginning of media frenzy, Radio has played a very crucial role in entertaining the mass with news, songs and many more. Allow your kids, through SwitchED online summer camp to get a first hand experience of a Radio Jockey through this fun and exciting Workshop!

What they will learn:

  • Use of voice and sound to perform and present through the Radio
  • Creating their own content in fields of news, music, interviews. etc.
  • Activities and games that focus on voice modulation, diction, clarity and projection

Debate Challenges for the More Able Level 2
By Helen

About the Teacher

A teacher who is an all-rounder! Shivani Vakil Savant is a drama teacher, baker, actor, stage manager, director and a teacher. Directing plays for schools like Cathedral and John Cannon, Bombay Scottish and many more! She is the best when it comes to conducting workshops. Currently teaching drama to children with disabilities and special needs at the Aditya Birla Integrated School & Citi Academy. She is also the Founder Director of The Broadband Theatre Company set up in April 2020. Now ready to interact and impart skills with your kids through the online summer camp 2021 through SwitchED.

Give your kids that perfect opportunity to learn something new. A session guaranteed to be filled with excitement and laughter.

Enrich your kids’ life stories by learning His-story! Recommended for kids between 9-15 years

Learn and understand about the Indian subcontinent through its eventful history. Discover India and its contribution to the world in the fields of mathematics, arts, literature, science, architecture and many more through this 6- day camp.

How is it different from the regular History Classes?

With each class, interesting facts start unfolding themselves in a fun and very seamless manner before your child.

Each class is filled with fun, learning and understanding of the Indian past. Tasting the many flavours of culture, language, religion and impactful events that still have an effect to this day on our country. Games and constant interaction is bound to leave the kids wanting more.

Watch history unfold itself before your kids, through the eyes of an excellent teacher!

A teacher determined to make the learning process an easy yet an adventurous one for your children. Priya, through her classes, transmits the curiosity and love for history into her students in a motherly yet disciplined fashion.

Be College Ready this summer with The Red Pen /Recommended for kids between 14-18 years

Writing that perfect college application can determine your admission in your dream college or institution. Hence, it is no easy task.

Worry not! SwitchED Summer Camp to your rescue!

Understand and learn the secrets to writing a perfect college application with The Red Pen. Allow your kids with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with ‘reflective writing,’ a key factor to writing good applications, through this 5-day workshop.

They will learn:

  • To write meaningfully and seamlessly about their environment and experiences
  • To familiarize themselves with essay prompts that students encounter in college applications
  • How to select topics that allow them to pour out their personal experiences

Become Writing Warriors with Warrior Teachers!

Kim Dixit, co-founder of The Red Pen herself and Arnav Sharma, Senior Associate at The Red Pen, both with years of experience in helping students write the perfect college application, will be directly guiding your children throughout for a wonderful and beneficial experience.

What are you waiting for! Book a class now for your child from these range of amazing classes that SwitchED offers at our website. Don’t let this summer turn into a bummer for your kids and make the most of what we offer through this online summer camp 2021.

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